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Nov 27, 2022
Dec 4, 2022


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Ides of March
3 Dec, 2021

Made some changes to the structure. Took out $ADA, $KSM & $LTC for now and added $EGLD now that it's down again at support, $QSP as a smallcap wildcard for this phase and $MINA as an interesting newcomer. Taking some profit from $LUNA now that it's reaching ATH's, but keeping it as our biggest asset. Let's see how we get through december.

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23 Nov, 2021

Removed $AVAX and added $KSM because of these very nice 4H hard buy signals on Lambda Strike.

Btw, $ONE is doing really nice 

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Monthly Rebalancing:



Strategy now fully open to public 

- Long-Term-Invest

- Based on assumption of general growth of crypto market

- Invest in Top 25 Crypto Currencies based on Market Cap

- Monthly equal weight rebalancing

- Attractive Following with minimum fees

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Just another regular portfolio re-balance, no big structure change and 2% profit taken to $USDC

Still looking for $DOT $KSM gains and fresh alt season.

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Pigster Crypto
22 Oct, 2021

Looks like alts are on fire here. Removing $BTC from our strategy, adding more into $LINK and $ATOM which haven't cought the momentum yet. Also adding $DOT and $KSM. 🤟

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13 Oct, 2021

Hi all $BTC looks good and also looks like it wont do anything crazy on the short term. This is good news for ALTS.

60% of your portfolio exists of top notch new ALTS. I've added 4 ALTS that look very strong and i'm confident that they will perform $BNB ,$KSM, $CRV and $FTT.

Let's see what the evening and night brings us.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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Smart Crypto
23 Sep, 2021

Did some $f$FTM and $AR profitscooping ans putsome into $k$KSM cause it hasnt had that nice bounce like others

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20 Sep, 2021

Lets risk half of our $PAXG in case this correction is over. If not, we still can buy more on the next bottom with the rest of the hedge. Also swapped $KSM for $AVAX this time.

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Smart Crypto
12 Sep, 2021

Did a small rebalance. As i love Luna but not i seee it struggling a bit as it had massive growth. Distributed to $KSM and $DOT which also still has great potential

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Nice! Never mary your bags!💪

12 Sep, 2021

Thanks for the ride $LUNA, but it feels like you have used a lot of fuel lately. Waiting for better opportunities to get back in with $LUNA. Spend it on $PAXG 15% and $KSM 10% see how that goes. Also: $ALGO timing this morning was great!

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