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Jan 19, 2022
Jan 26, 2022
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Kava Mentioned by strategists
20 Jan, 2022

Sideways. My view i that the market is bottoming out here and will begin to break to the upside.

$KAVA 9 has launched with more onboarding of assets and the platform seems way undervalued after a recent 'sell the news' correction. Moreover, $ANT has lost almost 50% of its value against BTC this year so far despite being in one of the hottest crypto sectors for 2022 - DAOs. See Aragons end of year post here to get informed about the project. https://blog.aragon.org/2021-retrospective/. I have dropped $FET and $COMP for now, but will watch them as always.

When the market rises, I would expect these assets to do really well. I may be wrong about this being the end of the market downtrend, and if so I will adjust. But the risk here is worth it.

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15 Jan, 2022

Decent performance in an uncertain market. $KAVA performed great and protected the strategy. I rebalanced the gain, removed it for now in place of $LUNA which is showing new upside.

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11 Jan, 2022

Reduced fees and rebalanced to add $INJ alongside existing holdings of $ATOM, $BNB, $CRO, $LUNA, $KAVA, $FET, $BAND, and $IRIS

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Green Power
8 Jan, 2022

Really glad I added $ONE and $ICP in the last round, they're performing brilliantly. Swapped out $SOL due to all the problems and picked up $KAVA instead.

Added $KAVA, to track the increased interest about the Cosmos ecosystem we see on the market.

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nice info 


4 Jan, 2022

Happy New Year. Ok performance the last week, but mostly due to $YFI. I have rebalanced to equal weights and swapped $SAND (risk of a pullback) for $KAVA. I think more and more people are realising the DeFi sector is relatively undervalued after a wave of NFT & metaverse hype. I'd like to get back to DAO tooling if I can find some good projects at good prices that are on Iconomi.

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19 Nov, 2021

First Post :-P

I just made another of my regular rebalancings according to the actual market situation.

I increased the positions in solid assets like $SOL $DOT $ADA and $ATOM aswell as in the promising assets $AVAX $LUNA $FTM and $MATIC

Therefore I kicket out the bad performing assets $NEO $EOS $LSK $DASH $KNC $SNX and $KAVA

Happy earnings

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Crawler Fund
17 Nov, 2021

Agregando $KAVA, $AVAX $ENJ y $BAT a la nomenclatura...

Esperando el momento indicado para meterle con todo!

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Risky Biscuits
24 Oct, 2021

What a month. Bull market in full effect!

$FTM has been performing very well, but it doesn't look like it is slowing down. Unique addresses have risen from 113k on the 1st of June to 965k today, and are steadily climbing.

$KAVA is set to implement IBC on the next upgrade, connecting the Kava blockchain to all other Cosmos blockchains. After that comes Eth Bridge, so I'm still very bullish on Kava, even though it's been somewhat underperforming lately.

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Risky Biscuits
8 Oct, 2021

Took a bit of profit from $FTM and reentered $DYDX with 5%. Fantom does not look like it's done though so for now the position is at 40%.

Still waiting for $KAVA to explode. USDC implementation and eth bridge is getting closer so hopefully it'll happen soon.

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