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May 17, 2022
May 24, 2022
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Gala Mentioned by strategists

Stock markets in general seem like they will bounce today.

We'll take slightly more risk and buy up some beaten down alts way lower than where we sold them.

Welcome back $GALA !!

Added to $SOL , $ADA , $FTT and $AVAX.

But we stay mainly in $BTC and $ETH and we have set profit-targets for our alts.

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After I sold $MANA and $GALA , they indeed fell from a cliff. I'm not jumping back in, until I see technical confirmation of a reversal to a bullish trend.

We keep our big position in the defensive crypto's that show relative strength: $BTC , $ETH , $LUNA , $BNB and $FTT .

We're not jumping out of the markets and are 100% invested in crypto because we don't want to be out when we suddenly shoot up.

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I rebalanced and sold our gaming coins $MANA and $GALA because their charts broke down and their relative strength in $BTC is gone. If $BTC puts in a lower lower, as it threatens to do, they could fall from a cliff. In that case we can buy them back way lower.

I added to our stronger performers $LUNA and $BTC .

$BTC dominance is creeping higher and we have to adapt to that situation.

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A great time to do nothing: best investing strategy ever, besides adding to your position. Long $BTC , $ETH, $BNB , $LUNA , $AVAX , $RUNE , $AAVE ,$MANA , $GALA , $SOL , $FTT .

People who hold staking monster $KAVA should watch the $BTC value. It's rising and if it goes a little higher, it might be wise to start taking profits to $BTC .

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The gaming coins are showing signs of life. Watching $MANA , $SAND and $GALA closely. Maybe they can profit from the $AXS drama.

(More on that:

Defi looks promising too. $AAVE has a healthy correction today after a strong run up yesterday from an oversold bottom. As I hoped (and allocated for) $UNI is showing signs of heartbeat today.

Could gaming and defi offer $RUNE-like gains in de next few weeks while $BTC grinds towards 52k? 

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Happy to see our largest holdings $AVAX and $LUNA outperforming $BTC and $ETH today!

Great move from $GALA as well. Early stages.

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Great to see $BTC grinding higher. It's climbing the wall of worries.

$ADA is killing it, but I think a possible retest of the 1usd level may be the perfect buying opportunity as it could confirm a trend reversal.

$LUNA is still hesitant to break out violently above 100usd, but eventually it will. It's been an incredible ride to the $LUNA moon, but as its market cap grows, its price will grow less explosive than it used to. Nevertheless still a lot of upside in this project.

Our gaming plays are still shocked by the Ukranian War. People are watching the news instead of playing videogames. I expect $SAND , $GALA and $MANA to do very well once Putin swallows some Novitsjok suicide pills.

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Small rebalance to take some $AVAX and $ETH profits back to $LUNA , $MANA, $ATOM and $GALA

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Relative strength update (3)

The bears could see the threat of a head and shoulders formation in this $FTT/$BTC chart, but I see a way to promising right shoulder to be pessimistic for now.

The support zone is the 0.00080 $BTC level. Below that support I would definitely sell, but we are way higher and I expect $FTT to squeeze up.

Our gaming positions shed some blood during the war, but their $BTC charts didn't surrender. $MANA and $GALA are struggling but holding up. Once the war is over, I expect people to restart gaming and $GALA has the possibility to really explode higher.

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Confident we are positioned in very strong alts with above average upside and less downside at the same time.

No need to trade these small market movements now. Just sit and wait and let the future decide the value of $BTC , $ETH , $AVAX ,$LUNA , $ATOM , $MANA ,$GALA ,$BNB , $FTT.

My guess: they go way higher! 

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