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€1.60 Market Cap


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FET EUR price chart / performance

FET EUR price chart / performance

Jun 5, 2024
Jun 12, 2024
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0.00% (FET) History and Overview (FET) History and Overview (FET) is a decentralized, open-access machine learning network built on blockchain technology, designed to foster the growth of a digital economy without human intervention. This innovative network aims to connect devices, services, and individuals to the Internet of Things (IoT), facilitating seamless data sharing and collaboration. At the heart of's digital economy are suppliers and consumers interacting within a dynamic ecosystem of agents and ecosystems tailored for various purposes and use cases. The live to EUR conversion is € 1.60.

Launched in 2017 by a team based in Cambridge, UK, was co-founded by Toby Simpson, Humayun Sheikh, and Thomas Hain. The project's vision is to create an autonomous environment that seamlessly connects people, organizations, devices, and services through AI and machine learning. This unique blend of technologies enables to offer solutions across a wide range of industries, including smart cities, supply chains, transport, energy, and decentralized finance, among others. operates using three core components: Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs), the Open Economic Framework (OEF), and the Fetch Smart Ledger. AEAs act on behalf of devices, services, organizations, and individuals within the ecosystem, learning from past actions to enhance system efficiency through AI. These agents are connected to data sources and hardware, utilizing the predictive capabilities of the system. The OEF serves as the network layer where data and information are stored, facilitating interaction between AEAs, while the Fetch Smart Ledger, a combination of distributed ledger technology and a directed acyclic graph, processes transactions through sharding.

The network's unique proposition lies in its integration of DAG, DLT, smart contracts, AI, and machine learning, supporting a diverse range of AI-enabled use cases. stands out as one of the few blockchain projects leveraging AI to improve solutions within the digital economy it represents. Users can create, deploy, and train agents for various purposes, fostering a decentralized digital economy that evolves alongside the network.

The intrinsic value of is derived from its technology, technical capacity, use cases, and the execution of the project. The FET crypto token, central to the ecosystem, is used for node operator incentives, as the primary payment method on the network, and to facilitate all operations within the network. Despite market volatility, the demand for FET is influenced by the network's usage rate. has a finite supply of tokens, similar to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which prevents devaluation by inflation. The total supply of FET crypto tokensis capped, making it a scarce asset. The market cap of, determined by the circulating supply of FET multiplied by its current market price, ranks the cryptocurrency in comparison to its peers and indicates its market share and dominance. The current price of 1 FET in EUR is € 1.60.

Secured through a variant of Proof of Stake based on Cosmos' Tendermint consensus mechanism, alongside AI and DAG technologies, employs differential privacy and cryptography to maintain user privacy while ensuring decentralization and transparency. The network's security is further enhanced by the nodes responsible for validating transactions on the ledger. enables the creation of a decentralized digital economy where users can develop agents that represent individuals, organizations, devices, and services. These agents can transact and communicate within the network, leveraging AI to revolutionize and enhance various industries. From decentralized finance to supply chain management and beyond,'s technology holds the potential to significantly impact a wide array of sectors.

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10 Jun, 2024

I conducted another study using a different method to reduce potential dilution risks and extract information directly from the market.

I took a larger sample of 200 assets based on market size, excluding stablecoins, from CoinMarketCap.

I calculated the ratio of Fully Diluted Market Cap / Market Cap.

Then, I calculated the average of this ratio.

I found that more than 75% of the assets had a ratio lower than the average, which was 1.92.

This means any asset with a Fully Diluted Market Cap to Market Cap ratio higher than 1.92 could be considered as having potential dilution risks.

You should review it better.

There are a lot of outliers


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Triaconta Top 30
5 Jun, 2024

At last, the market cap of three tokens we have been anticipating for a long time has reached the threshold of the Top 30. They will not stop there! We have added Fetch.AI ($FET), Render Token ($RNDR) and Immutable X ($IMX). Very good for diversification of the Strategy with AI, Metaverse, NFT and Gaming. But we cannot ignore the meme craze of late. We add Pepe ($PEPE) as the third meme coin in the Triaconta Top 30. Render token facilitates distributed GPU rendering for awesome graphics in current and future metaverses and games. Immutable X allows developers to build Web3 games at gigantic scale with advanced gameplay mechanics, allows anyone to mint millions of NTFs and combines high performance with low cost.

We say goodbye to Injective (-35% since addition) and Lido DAO (-20% sa) with some loss, and Aave (+58% sa) with some gain. We get a little nostalgic to see Vechain go, a Top 30 member since february 2020, but we know we made a 450% profit since then.

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Detailed Analysis of the First Correlation Table:

Here is the annual correlation analysis I conducted for the June 2024.

I usually don't publish this, but some people are interested in learning and those copying this strategy likely want to see how their funds are managed properly.

Anyway, I will rebalance the portfolio in a few hours once I finish my complete work as I prepare monthly reports for myself to review periodically.

in risk mode: Assets that have a higher return than the general market are selected. Then the risks are reduced.


The first table presents the correlation between various assets, indicating how closely their price movements are related. High correlation (values close to 1) means the assets tend to move in the same direction, while low correlation (values close to 0) indicates more independent movements.

Key Observations:

Highly Correlated Assets

$SOL and $AVAX : High correlation of 82.58%.

$NEAR and $AVAX : High correlation of 81.20%.

$AR and $FET : High correlation of 87.21%.


Low Correlation Assets:

$SOL and $JASMY : Low correlation of 21.68%.

$ICP and $AR : Low correlation of 26.20%.

$FET and $IMX : Low correlation of 50.50%.


For diversification, it's beneficial to include assets with low correlations in your portfolio. This helps reduce overall risk.

Diversification Strategy:

Combining SOL and JASMY, ICP and AR, or FET and IMX could provide better risk management due to their low correlation.

Overall Assessment:

The selected assets to offer a good mix, but individual asset fundamentals and market trends should also be considered. 

Diversifying with low-correlation assets is key to minimizing risk.

Therefore, the correlation will also be evaluated at the sector level.

Continue reading the next post :)

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Detailed Analysis of the Second Correlation Table:


The second table shows the correlation between different sectors and market indices. The sectors are:

Blockchain Infrastructure sector: Includes $SOL , $AVAX , $NEAR , $ICP , $FTM , $IMX , $STX , $INJ

Infrastructure Applications sector: Includes $AR , $FET , $JASMY , $AGIX , $RNDR .


Key Observations:

Correlation with Market Indices:

TOTAL and Blockchain Infrastructure sector: 77.14% correlation.

TOTAL and Infrastructure Applications sector: 92.54% correlation.

Intra-Sector Correlation:

High correlation within the Blockchain Infrastructure sector (above 84%).

Lower correlation within the Infrastructure Applications sector (below 80%).

Sector Analysis:

Blockchain Infrastructure sector: Moderate correlation with market indices suggests some diversification benefit.

Infrastructure Applications sector: High correlation with market indices indicates significant market trend dependency.

Risk Diversification:

Blockchain Infrastructure sector: Moderate correlation with market indices makes it useful for diversification.

However, high intra-sector correlation suggests these assets tend to move together.

Infrastructure Applications sector: High correlation with market indices implies these assets are more susceptible to market trends. However, lower intra-sector correlation provides some intra-sector diversification.

The combination of assets from the Blockchain Infrastructure and Infrastructure Applications sectors can provide a balanced portfolio with a good mix of diversification and market exposure. For example, combining assets like SOL (Blockchain Infrastructure) and AR (Infrastructure Applications) may reduce overall portfolio risk.

This is a small part of what I do behind the scenes.

Good luck!

🔵 Mr Jaradat Portfolio

A systematic strategy based on my mathematical model to determine the optimal position for taking additional risks, which is mainly based on the analysis of the trend, momentum and correlation of the assets in this crypto strategy with market indices.

Exposure in [Risk-on] mode

▪️ Blockchain Infrastructure sector 50%

▪️ Infrastructure applications sector 50%

Exposure in [Risk-off] mode

▪️ Blockchain Infrastructure sector 25%

▪️ Infrastructure applications sector 25%

🔵The Strategist


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