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Nov 22, 2022
Nov 29, 2022


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1 Nov, 2022

❇️ Hugh Math Index Fund for Nov 2022

72.53% of Total Market Cap ($740.63 bn)

Number of Constituents (30)

❇️ Overall Portfolio Composition (%)

🔰 Coins 86.47 %

🔰 Tokens 13.53 %

❇️ Top 10 Holdings (67.60% of Total Assets)

$BTC (22.23%)

$ETH (15.58%)

$BNB (8.03%)

$ADA (4.20%)

$SOL (3.84%)

$MATIC (3.13%)

$DOT (3.06%)

$AVAX (2.66%) 

$UNI (2.62%)

$ATOM (2.25%)

❇️ Sector Weightings (%)

🔰 Blockchain Infrastructure (62.02%)

🔰 Currency (27.93%)

🔰 DeFi ( 3.85%)

🔰 GameFi (2.54%)

🔰 CeFi (2.08%)

🔰 Blockchain Service (1.58%)

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This structure change will be automatically executed on the client's Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA accounts.


Removing: $EGLD $FET


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Slightly more offensive as we are seeing a bull run on alts this weekend, but we only go for a small profit in $ADA and $DOT because we don't expect good news from the FED next week.

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3 Oct, 2022

Not surprised to see $ETH $ATOM $DOT and $NEAR as the most developed projects in crypto...

Its is a core reason why I hold these projects. Building now for more bullish times!

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29 Sep, 2022

Good morning, exciting news coming from Circle, they will take $USDC multichain!

Projects to be supported by USDC are: $ATOM $NEAR $DOT, Optimism and Arbitrum One

Especially excited for Circle to mention about COSMOS:

"Circle is also in discussions with the Cosmos ecosystem to leverage Interchain Security, which plans to be publicly available in early 2023, to benefit from the security of the validators supporting the Cosmos Hub."

The fact that the best stablecoin in crypto is choosing the same L1 projects that we hold is fantastic confirmation of the quality of these projects.

Source: https://www.circle.com/en/pressroom/circle-announces-next-wave-of-usdc-support-for-multi-chain-ecosystem

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Rebalanced portfolio 

Did some micro trades over the night and sold $ATOM position again 

Plan for the short term future

Stay mostly in $BTC

Be exposed to interoperability oriented projects & DeFi ➡️ $RUNE $MKR $UNI $DOT $INJ $DYDX

Some minor exposure will be on privacy oriented projects ➡️ $XMR $ROSE

The $BTC position will remain untouched untill we see good entry point in our favourite Altcoin pair

NOTE: 🔥Yesterday Fidelity Investments is weighing a plan to allow individual investors to trade bitcoin on its brokerage platform 🔥

Source: https://www.wsj.com/articles/fidelity-weighs-bitcoin-trading-on-brokerage-platform-11663008698

Keep in mind that Fidelity is a brokerage firm that has over 34 million clients and has over 4,5 trillion $ Assets under management. Institutions are opening the doors for capital to flow into Crypto. The first asset to benefit from this will be ofcourse $BTC

Remember we posted the news few weeks ago Black Rock the biggest institutional asset manager has opened gates for trading BItcoin and now Fidelity investments.

Black Rock is #1 Asset manager in the world

Fidelity investments is #4 Asset manager in the world

Institutions and smart money loves these prices. While retail investors don't care about crypto anymore, hype is gone. Huge things are happening behind the scenes.

Our Tip: Don't be like most people like in the picture bellow 👇

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9 Sep, 2022

$ATOM on a absolute tear! Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto also going up fast.

Will lower COSMOS from 34% to 30% here, adding 2% extra to $ETH and 1% to $DOT and $NEAR.

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Imo nothing is certain, and it is always nice to take profits on days like this. However few days of 10%+ is great as long as it is not just a another lower high.

@WishfulThinking why would I move out of markets when they have possibly bottomed and good news is coming from Ukraine + interest rate hikes are priced in?

4 Sep, 2022

No more Bitcoin...

Made a significant change in our strategy, have chosen to remove $BTC as I do no longer consider Bitcoin having the innovation, technical potential or support from mainstream that it once had.

The future of Blockchain is (in my view) about: innovation, creative technical solutions, staking, DeFi, digital ownership, gaming, shared and flexible security models.

BTC is simply not the platform where I see the most creative, innovative and profitable Crypto projects happen...

Yes I think Bitcoin has it's place as a digital Store of Value, perhaps digital gold, but this use case is not very exciting to me and I do not think it is where the largest potential lies for investors.

Focus of CARUS-AR: Blockchain projects with fast development, creative solutions and growing ecosystems. This means $ATOM $ETH $NEAR $DOT $LRC $MATIC and $SKL at this time.

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Btw, not criticizing your trades past couple of months. However the btc dominance is low atm and maybe it can suprise us all in the future.

As an EU citizen, I really would like to live in a crypto world, however the euro is clearly failing. Fix the money fix the world.

@structure I could not dissagree more on both 'fiat collapsing' and 'crypto being about storing work energy'... Probably don't follow CARUS-AR if you feel that way.

25 Aug, 2022

Adjusted to a but more focus on L1 crypto projects, with 25% $ETH and 10% for $NEAR $AVAX and $DOT.

Lowered $BTC to 15%. Higer risk / reward and more exciting developments coming for POS crypto then POW. Think the current energy crisis can not be good for Bitcoin and will actually help POS projects.

Fantastic video to watch if you want to learn more about the Ethereum move from POW to POS: https://youtu.be/EEuPmA8w0Kc

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We did buy into the market after the downward move of approximately 8-12% depending on the asset. 📉🫣

Have added to alternative layer 1 like $SOL $DOT $ATOM $NEAR

We remain cautious and are still holding a cash position of 25% USD… 😎

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