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Sep 27, 2022
Oct 4, 2022


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Monthly Rebalancing:

Out: $COMP, $DCR New: $KSM, $EGLD
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Antares Global
20 Aug, 2021

FOMO back in the market as $BTC has suddenly reversed and it’s back, ready to test the key resistance area at 47.5-48k as short positions are getting slammed. Last night added several cryptos, many of them related to DeFi projects. Also opened positions in $DASH and $DCR, should provide good news soon.

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Latest rebalance largest holdings: $EGLD, $BTT, $DCR, $SOL, $TRX.

Sold out of USD position as the market seems to be moving in a more aggressive direction with smaller coins outperforming lately.

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Monthly Rebalancing:









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Latest rebalance largest holdings: $BNB, $DCR, $ADA, $UNI, $MKR.

Defensive positions, $USDC and $BTC, have been sold off as the market slowly recovers from the latest sell-off.

Bringing back $ENJ and $SOL as they look ready to take off. Also $DCR is looking to continue a steady climb.

🤞 Trading with a beginner :
$DCR.... .... oh my god , and where did this come from ... you don't want to put some in the basket ? :-)

Rebalance to take very nice profits on $REN, $RUNE, $COMP and $BAL. Further concentrating the portfolio by removing $OMG, $KMD, $IRIS, $DCR and $ALGO. Upping $ETH.

Rebalancing. Letting grow $DCR, $KMD and $RUNE profits.

Adding $RUNE to the portfolio, and some old gold that could soon see a revival: $DCR and $KMD. Removed underperforming $ZIL.