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Sep 29, 2022
Oct 6, 2022


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Mentions and Bitcoin price predictions by strategists

8h ago

Vemos un cambio de tendencia en el MACDh $BTC en temporalidad de 1 mes.

Esto nos indica que los bajistas van perdiendo fuerza aunque todavía falta mucho para que pasemos a un histograma positivo o que tengamos un cruce al alza.

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Markets are rallying on nothing but bad news. The trend is still down and crypto looks weak and trades with very low volatility. This most often preceeds a big move, probably to the downside.

We sold some extra $BTC at a small profit from where we bought it, because we expect another downmove.

We stay 26% in the market, mainly $BTC with a small tablespoon-position in $ETH as well.

Our 10% $PAXG could prove to be a great diversifier in the next few weaks as gold is rebounding strongly and is still one of the best performers this year, outshining crypto and stocks.

Our orders to buy the blood automatically are set up at lower levels.

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16h ago


If not earlier, we may see a reversal once we get the unemployment data. If this will not reverse the market, then the CPI data and Powell’s speech next week will do the job😉 It is clear that this bounce is a bear market rally and will come down fast. The only question that remains is what will be the trigger for the reversal?📉$BTC $ETH $USDT

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16h ago


Looking at the $BTC chart, we started printing the reversal bar on a 4-hour timeframe. Now we need to wait for the confirmation candle and then the dump could happen at any moment. As a result, we will wait in stablecoins for the next trade opportunity or some bottom signals. This simply does not look like a good entry🤔

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Russia, 11th biggest economy will alow Crypto to be used in global settlements ✅

Black Rock. biggest asset manager is launching Blockchain ETF in January 2023 ✅

UK & Japan Central banks shifting back to QE (Quantitive Easing), USA FRED might follow soon 

Huge institutional support is going on behind the scenes, while most people still sleep on $BTC & Crypto.

Don't be like most people, follow what smart money does 😉

We believe not buying Bitcoin bellow 20K$ is a crime.

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Alpha Digital
4 Oct, 2022

Over the last few days, numerous assets have been green. Many expect a central bank pivot in the near term because of recent currency volatility. That much about sentiment.

Since the beginning of the year, I've been mostly flat, which has been the correct decision thus far. I don't have any new information questioning my stance of cautiousness.

The most brutal rallies occur during bear markets.

$BTC stays highly correlated to equities, which are coming off of fresh yearly lows. Also not going to chase $PAXG, which is already up considerably.

All in all, I'm still happy being sidelined, watching the turmoil unfold.

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in fairness - I apologise.

I didn’t look at long track. you’ve nailed it.

4 Oct, 2022

Being cautious with this small pump... ⚠️

Only if $BTC can break through the resistance of 24K USD, then we will fully enter the market again, otherwise we stay safe in this bearmarket.

Bottom price remains between 12K and 16K USD.

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4 Oct, 2022


Bitcoin is holding well and started printing a volatility squeeze on multiple timeframes meaning that a big move is around the corner. That being said, we are still waiting for a hint on the direction of the move and the stock market open before making any decisions🤔 $BTC

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4 Oct, 2022


We are also at a decision point when it comes to the trendline that is going back to the $BTC top at 69k. We will either break above or dump to new lows🤔 Again too early to say so we will wait in stablecoins for a little longer. So far it looks like we will have a fake move up and then a strong dump👀

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4 Oct, 2022


What is bullish tho, is the fact that $BTC accumulation level reached 7-years high👀 Over 6-month-old Bitcoins now take 74% of the realized cap. It was 70%, and 77% at the last bottoms in 2019, and 2015 respectively.

Imagine you buy Bitcoins and do nothing over six months. Those are true hodlers!😉 The number of those is going up and so will the price... eventually😁

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