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X Technology Limited manage Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA, we use high end data technology and technical analysis to minimize risk and optimize results.

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The Bitcoin market have been playing out as we have mention in our previous analysis.

As we can see here Bitcoin have been bouncing around the bull barrier median and pushed above first PIVOT resistance level and are now alligned between two PIVOT resistance level.

Next it will be important for Bitcoin to close a daily candle above PIVOT R1(58516) then to test the resistance at 60000.

IF Bitcoin do not get above PIVOT R1(58516) we will probably retest the Bull Barrier Median(54382) / PIVOT(52703)

Worst case would be to retest Bull Barrier lower band (49458)


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$BTC just had a strong weekly candle close and closed above the bull barrier median.

This week will be very exciting.

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 Changing to Active Structure - Hedge Function 1 is now activated


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1/ Let's look at the market!

As promised we will dive into what going on with the Bitcoin Market.

We are seeing a very unique situation now. First of we can see that Bitcoin has now confirmed with yesterday's close a classic textbook pattern where we have got higher highs and higher lows.

This is an extremely bullish pattern, especially if we combined it with the Eliot Wave theory. Where we have a full bull trend recovery. BUT before we get above the previous ALL-TIME HIGH(64895) a reversal in a double top is not confirmed ( technical speaking ).

From a technical perspective, the Bitcoin marked started to go in the BULLS favor when we crossed the bearish trendline that you can see Bitcoin tested at Elliot Wave(1).

Bitcoin got to resistance Elliot Wave(3) at a very important technical point Bull Barrier median where we tested 40000 before going for a new higher high Elliot Wave(5) and closed ABOVE the Bull Barrier median crossing and closing above the second bearish trendline.

This is extremely BULLISH

Today we can see Bitcoin did a perfect pullback testing and right now pushing above the Bull Barrier Median.

What's next is of course hard to predict, but what we potentially can see is that Bitcoin will retest lower PIVOT SUPPORT before testing the upper Bull Barrier Band at 60080( this is moving daily )

YES, this can still be a BULL TRAP but if Bitcoin doesn't get rejected at the upper Bull Barrier Band and does close above it over the next few weeks there will be a very high probability we will get a higher high.

We will be out with PART 2 tomorrow we will be doing a retrospective of Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA, where we are now, what we are focusing on and where we will be going into the future.

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@SmartChain You are right when it comes to the textbook. But what I noticed in Crypto for a long time is that wave(4) normally does have a standard deviation getting below the wave (1) to find lower around PIVOT S1 ( if PIVOT S1 is below Wave 1)

This has happened many times in the past.

Thats why expect wave A to start around 60000, but just a observation.

Where did you learn that wave 4 could go far down than wave 2? It is possible only on wedges

We will be out with a in depth market analysis later today.

Q4 is going to be exciting, both from the technical and fundamental side.

We will also be doing a retrospective of Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA, where we are now, what we are focusing on and where we will be going into the future.

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✅ Changing to Active Structure - Hedge Function 3.3 is now activated


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Last time Bitcoin got taken down by the bears at the bull barrier median, this will be a important level for Bitcoin to win and control as support.

We are seeing a extremely bullish pattern if Bitcoin can get a higher high and close above the barrier within a few days.

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