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May 14, 2022
May 21, 2022
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X Technology Limited manage Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA, we use high end data technology and technical analysis to minimize risk and optimize results.

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Introducing Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA

We have been working with our crypto quant strategy since 2016 when we first started researching the BTC/USDT trading pair, after developing a highly successful BTC/USDT quant strategy and running it for 4 years in alpha, we decided to create Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA

The start date of Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA 20.03.2020 is very important to understand because this was when we got confirmed that Bitcoin is going from a bearish trend to a bullish trend. Hence, we thought it was the perfect time to get started on Iconomi and we were spot on.


At first, we did only do Active Hedge Structure with $BTC and Passive Hedge Structure with $USDC


In 2021 we decided that we want to make Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA even more unique by introducing our dimension hedging.

At this point, we were in beta and were testing our dimension hedging directly in production as Iconomi did not have any other option for rolling out releases at this point. ( we did encounter some challenges with extra drawdown when rolling out releases directly to production, but this is something we learned from and updated our processes and will never repeat again )

Overview of Hedge Functions in Beta

Passive Structure Hedge Function 1: $USDC

Active Structure Hedge Function 2: $BTC

Active Structure Hedge Function 3: Altcoins

(Full Version)

In 2022 we did finally release our full version of Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA, the full version uses the hedge functions as described in beta but also a advanced allocation technique to create state of art Digital Asset Arrays so we can achieve our long-term goals and protect our client's purchasing power.

Our crypto macroeconomic theory is that everything follows Bitcoin and its trend, so we do take this to our advantage when designing the crypto quant strategy.



X Technology Limited - Company Goals

Our MISSION is to provide our clients with a Crypto Quant Strategy that optimizes results and minimizes drawdown by using state of art data intelligence technology and technical analysis.

Our VISION is that Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA will outperform Bitcoin in a 10-year period.

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Understanding data and the importance of high data quality is key for implementing the right quant crypto strategy.

The difference between a successful long-term crypto strategy and a bad crypto strategy will be how well you manage the data you build your crypto strategy on.

These days everyone is chasing the crypto that makes them the most profitable short-term without thinking of the extra risk they are taking on. Risk management is KEY. This is a key variable in the long-term between a crypto strategy that protects its client purchasing power and one that has a high drawdown at the end of a trend.

Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA is a quant crypto strategy that does focus on high data quality and protecting clients' long-term purchasing power.

X Technology Limited manages Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA which is a smart contract.

A smart contract is a self-executing contract with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code. The code and the agreements contained therein exist across a distributed, decentralized blockchain network.

Our clients get access to Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA that X Technology Limited manages.

X Technology Limited is working every day to optimize Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA strategy, we use high-end data technology and technical analysis to minimize risk for our clients in the crypto market.



X Technology Limited - Company Goals

Our MISSION is to provide our clients a Crypto Quant Strategy that optimizes results and minimizes drawdown by using state of art data intelligence technology and technical analysis.

Our VISION is that Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA will outperform Bitcoin in a 10 year period.

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We are seeing the BEAR FLAG pattern playing out as we analyzed in our last Bitcoin Technical Analysis Video

For the last couple of days, we have been focusing on studying the market on a short/medium term basis and recalibrating our data models.

We plan to be out with a new Bitcoin Technical Analysis Video next week.

Bitcoin is now testing the last support point, we will be discussing this in more detail.

Stay Tuned!

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We will probably see a BULL trap, normally after a BEAR flag price tend go go upwards after before testing support again.

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Something we have to talk about, the hard truth.

Any manager that allowed their portfolio to go down with $Luna did not have a proper money management framework in place.

Think about that for a second, they are suppose manage other people funds and they do not follow the most 101 portfolio investing diciplin.

Everyone is blaming the project that goes down, but they should blame them self that they did not protect their clients capital.

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Can managers do mistakes? ofcourse, the only way a manager can grow is by test and failure.

But a money management framework should always be in place.

Note: This is not to attack anyone, this is simply to just make a comment on the situation so we can have good culture and standards here at Iconomi for the investors.

Dear Clients

We are seeing blood in the market, but as you probably notice Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA has protected your capital with our Hedge Function 1(Passive Structure)

We have put in place buy orders, that may or may not be triggered. Everything is based on our crypto quant strategy algorithm, so greed is completely out of the picture ( as it always should be when investing )

Many have contacted us and asked what should I do now when BEARS  is taking more and more control.

Our answer is direct but honest.

You should start doing aggressive Dollar Cost Averaging, finding a weekly amount you can invest in Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA, and stick to it to the trend change. When the trend change you should go from weekly to monthly Dollar Cost Averaging.



Also one more note, we were supposed to publish a Bitcoin Technical Analysis video but this will be postponed to next week as we need to prioritize all our time this week to study the current market. I recommend you to watch our last Bitcoin Technical Analysis video as we are already covering what we expect to happen next(that did happen)


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So far our hedge against $BTC is looking good and even better if we would compare it to $LUNA

We will be out with a new Bitcoin Technical Analysis video later this week, trying to give you a full overview of what's going on.

If you have not watched last week's Bitcoin Technical Analysis video make sure to do that as we showed you that the BEARS were taking more and more control. Also that we were seeing a BEAR FLAG in the charts.

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While Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA is in a passive structure my recommendation is for all clients to do Dollar Cost Averaging

Dollar Cost Averaging is a discipline everyone should implement no matter the market condition


Dollar-cost averaging (DCA) is an investment strategy in which an investor divides up the total amount to be invested across periodic purchases of a target asset in an effort to reduce the impact of volatility on the overall purchase. The purchases occur regardless of the asset's price and at regular intervals.

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In times like this one should realize a trading strategy should always be based on price data versus on-chain data / feelings.

Note: On-Chain data can be used in strategy but as a secondary variable not primary variable.

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Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA algorithm is designed to give our clients an advantage in both BEAR and BULL markets.

We did l start Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA in Alpha/Beta phase(20.03.2020-31.03.2021) here on Iconomi and 01.01.2022 did move to the final release (01.01.2022)

Our quant strategy algorithm has been working without any technical issues since the start, X Technology Limited backend technology and advanced data analysis is something we work hard on every single day.

For us, it's important that our clients always stay up to date with what going on with Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA that's why we have been focusing on keeping you up with weekly technical analysis(what's going on with Bitcoin and what we expect Bitcoin to do next) as well as the "business side" where we talk about the Quant Strategy and what we are doing on the technology side.

Under you can see the Year-to-Date chart as of now our hedge function 1(passive structure) has been activated a few times this year, as of now we are seeing a great hedge against Bitcoin on the Year-to-Date.

As there is much more about the crypto quant strategy we want our clients to know about, we are planning to create a video that explains the strategy more in detail ( we will come back to that at a later point )

Our message, in the end, is just, don't worry about the market conditions you are in good hands and we will take advantage of both markets.



X Technology Limited - Company Goals

Our MISSION is to provide our clients with a Crypto Quant Strategy that optimizes results and minimizes drawdown by using state of art data intelligence technology and technical analysis.

Our VISION is that Bitcoin Crypto Assets DAA will outperform Bitcoin in a 10-year period.

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