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Nov 27, 2022
Dec 4, 2022


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This is a very good underpin for $XVS and BETA Finance... watch this space:

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Increased $XVS (Venus) weighting in the active portfolio. Something boiling up there to a potential steam around the corner... Volumes going through its lending exchange is through the roof must be linked to Beta Finance uptake on the Binance Smart Chain. Mkt cap still TINY for those volumes!!

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17 Jun, 2021

The Axium Fund we seek to be #NonConsensus & Right. $XVS LFG Coverage initiated, now rated as upgrade #OverWeightInnovation #CompoundingDigitalAssets #PressWinnersHarder

Guts and Reading
4 May, 2021

Taking some profits from $DOGE 🔥 and $XVS ✅. Added $SUSHI.

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Crypto Performers
30 Apr, 2021

Taking profit from $MATIC & $XVS. Planning to re-add after the correction

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Guts and Reading
13 Apr, 2021

Time to take some profits from $1INCH, $BAND and $ZIL ✅. We'll be saying goodbye to them for a bit.

We're increasing our exposure to $DOT and placing a new bet on $XVS 🤟🚀

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Risky Biscuits
16 Mar, 2021

A pretty good day for Risky Biscuits.

I've taken some profits from $KAVA, $IRIS and $ATOM to put into $XVS and $SXP.

The kava position was reduced from 45%-40% so it's still the biggest position by far.


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