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Jan 23, 2023
Jan 30, 2023


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We took some profits from $ZIL, $ATOM, and $QTUM. They performed well today. The profits are spread out over the other currencies $LTC, $DENT, $LUNA, $ETH, $NEO, $BTC, $UMA, and $LINK

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15 Apr, 2021

Removed $UMA (not as excited about the project compared to others) a lowered smaller holdings to 4%. To make $LUNA 21% at this time.

Think this is just a fantastic time to buy back in for Terra.

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26 Mar, 2021

Lowering $LUNA 4% to 26%, adding a new project $UMA at 4%.

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Smart Hamster
19 Mar, 2021

Taking profits $LUNA and $ATOM. Buying some $UMA

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18 Mar, 2021

Adding a new DeFi project: UMA Project.
Removed $ETH and lowered $BTC 2% to add 6% $UMA.
Decentralized Finance will explode, focus on synthetic assets and systems that allow development in that area are a no-brainer.

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15 Feb, 2021

Removed $UMA and $REEF to make $RUNE a larger holding at 7% also added to $BTC, 7.5% now and starting a $USDT profit position, 2%.

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11 Feb, 2021

Lowering $LUNA to 1% short term, looks like it will correct. Added 1% extra to DeFi holdings $COMP $UMA $CRV and AI project $FET

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Added some $UMA and $AVAX into the mix. Wonder if $XRP will solve the issues with the SEC 🤔👀

Rebalancing to take $AAVE and $UMA profits. Both are on fire 🚀😎🤟

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3 Feb, 2021

ANOTHER (yes I know...) rebalance to take $UMA profits. Adding 1% to $USDT again, 3% now.

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