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Oct 11, 2021
Oct 18, 2021
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12% $USDC for now. Used some of $SOL and $LUNA profits and invested in underperforming assets $TVK $CHZ

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Concentration builds wealth, diversification preserves wealth. If you diversify with no money, you are simply preserving nothing.

Although we fully stick to this methodology and fully believe into our investment thesis into $$ATOM, we have decided to do some micro diversification into few quality projects and potencial high risk/ high return bets. These include: $MIR $REN $INJ $TVK $BLZ

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5 Aug, 2021

Well, that looks like a decent day thanks to $TVK. Progress is being made.

(News = USDT pair listing at Binance + LP reward program) 

Reduced exposure quite a bit. We will keep an eye on the volatility and movements going forward.

I can't wait to see the market pick up,

as we are well-positioned to enjoy it big time 🤑

Let's try to smash a new all-time high (hopefully with some multiple factors on it) by year-end 💪

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Adding more to e-sports NFT $AXS $TVK $SAND $FLOW $WAXP $CHR and waiting for $ALICE to be introduced into #ICONOMI

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10 Jul, 2021

There is some volatility, but things have been quite boring over the last 9 weeks in the crypto world 💤

Nevertheless, as the coins keep going back and forth in their current range, we rebalance the portfolio and grab some profit here and there.

The best one for us, over the last few days, has been $TVK. We leveraged its volatility with accurate timing and grabbed cool percentage points along the way 😎

We are still -46% globally, so there is a long way to go... but we are progressing nicely in comparison to the global altcoin market.

Enjoy your weekend 👍

Hang tight! The long-term goal remains the same:

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24 Jun, 2021

The marketcap of altcoins dropped by 60%. Some of them, like $TVK went full crazy retracing -95% from their all-time high 

Obviously a challenging period, but we are in line with the market (even outperforming it). Let's see if the bottom is in, or yet to come.

There is a lot of upside room, so when things catch back and with accurate rebalancing along the way, we should do great 

The best opportunities often lie in the most painful period.

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17 May, 2021

The Axium Fund: Invested in Long Term Value $TVK #CompoundingDigitalAssets Join us there should be more of us compounding profits together

2 May, 2021

Top 5, 77h after the last restructure 🚀

1. $WAVES +28%
2. $TVK +26%
3. $CHR +24%
4. $COMP +23%
5. $DOGE +23%

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The oracle told me: $BAND. $REEF and $TVK wait .... minimize, do not remove.
$LUNA is not touched ....

difficulty in inserting $TVK , what to eliminate? $LUNA not touched, the classic $LINK $DOT $ATOM, make a profit .....

$OCEAN and $YFI fell, because $BCH still has so much to say.