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Nov 28, 2022
Dec 5, 2022


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3 Dec, 2021

Morning all! $XLM is doing great!

$VET could have found a bottom here (see chart), also $ALGO is looking primed to pump. They are both added. We've kept $ONE.

Within the "fixed" part of the strategy I've removed some and added $TVK and $OCEAN.

Still have the CME gap in mind. I said it before, but it could be just a small spike down and then up!

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17 Nov, 2021

Evening guys! Just waiting for another day. The bottom of $BTC could be in, but we could also take just one more last leg down to +-57K. That smack down would give great entry intro alts. Lets hope that happens tomorrow morning 

If it happens this night, we are still in with 40% of the portfolio and will profit in the "meat" of the way up to +-100K.

In the meanwhile $AVAX and $TVK (part of the "fixed" 40% of our portfolio) did great 

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Great idea Mitja! Please send an email to hello@GRAZZP.com and lets find out how we can help eachother.

Yes you are right! But corrections are part of the game sadly. I would be very happy if we could cooperate and share some information between us! I am always in for cooperation. My mission is to give power to the people nothing else, so if we can help the community lets do it together.

I could show you the graph and the technical analyses in a seperate post if you like.

16 Nov, 2021

Rebalanced a bit. Changed $ETH for $POWR and added $TVK .

Lets go for the new flight !!!!!

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5 Nov, 2021

Hello all! For now it looks like $BTC wants to go up because of a strong impulsive move this night.

This could mean that correction time is over 

$TVK, $ENJ, $AAVE and $LUNA did very well!

Now, $SHIB, $RUNE , $ONE and $SXP look good to go.

Let's hope one of them will show a nice green candle in the coming hours 

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2 Nov, 2021

Hello! $ENJ is the one performing really well, together with $TVK (which is part of the 40% fixed coins of this portfolio).

I just saw $ONE breaking out, therefore added it to the portfolio and removed $1INCH.

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26 Oct, 2021

The chart of $TVK (NFT project) is looking good to go! It's relatively small, therefore we can expect major pumps. Let's take this trade and see how it develops!

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Thanks Palatabl! 

$TVK moon ! first one to show the bounce path ? !

12% $USDC for now. Used some of $SOL and $LUNA profits and invested in underperforming assets $TVK $CHZ

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15 Aug, 2021

Concentration builds wealth, diversification preserves wealth. If you diversify with no money, you are simply preserving nothing.

Although we fully stick to this methodology and fully believe into our investment thesis into $$ATOM, we have decided to do some micro diversification into few quality projects and potencial high risk/ high return bets. These include: $MIR $REN $INJ $TVK $BLZ

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5 Aug, 2021

Well, that looks like a decent day thanks to $TVK. Progress is being made.

(News = USDT pair listing at Binance + LP reward program) 

Reduced exposure quite a bit. We will keep an eye on the volatility and movements going forward.

I can't wait to see the market pick up,

as we are well-positioned to enjoy it big time 🤑

Let's try to smash a new all-time high (hopefully with some multiple factors on it) by year-end 💪

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