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Aug 7, 2022
Aug 14, 2022
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20 Apr, 2022

Happy 4/20 & quick re.balance update

Moonity took minor profits from $LUNA , $MTL & $STORJ Removed $AKRO and added $NEAR $ATOM has positioned itself as technically more advanced than $DOT - that's why all funds from $DOT were shifted to $ATOM

stay happy, healthy & mindful 

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15 Aug, 2021

Aloha fellow followers,

Some profit scraping off of $ADA $MTL & $DOT ; further increasing $AR position as support around 30k satoshi is solid and IPFS storing becomes more important with NFT industry gearing & growing up!

Have a blessed Sunday, stay happy, healthy and mindful 

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Diversified altcoins, removed $BTC for now and lowered $ADA and $MTL
Altcoin season up ahead, incredibly bullish.

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Trading with a beginner:

I took two trains running $BNB and $MTL. The last time I did this very dangerous maneuver it earned me 20%.
$MTL looks like an endless green candle ....
I will update you ....

29 Mar, 2021

QUICK🔥UPDATE: Took some $MTL profits and hedged into $DAI

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After a dissapointing weekend where we just missed out on $MTL🚀 we are full of energy for a bull run this week. Starting this week with $BNB, $BNT, $SUSHI, $EVX, $ATOM and we will evalute during the day but so far so good.📈

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1 Mar, 2021

Happy Monday everyone,

Diversitas did a good market analysis that I concur with.
Bear signals are disappearing and bull signs are back.
Moonity increased $BTC & $XMR position, both ripe for buying.
Took profits from $ADA, $MTL, $REP, $POLY

stay happy, healthy & mindful🙏

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Best performing strategi over the last 24h🔥. Now we have selected the winning team for the coming 10h. $ADA $MATIC $MTL $ATOM and we are off to a promising start.🚀

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10 Jan, 2021

Sunday ⚖️

took profits


Bull market activated, $BTC getting ready for next leg up.
Until Iconomi provides interface/option to select delegators for $ADA (and other staking assets) Moonity will decrease allocation in order to achieve higher degree of decentralization.
Stay healthy&happy🙏

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20 Dec, 2020

Sunday ⚖️ Rebalance
$BTC found tentative support around USD 23k - Moonity took small profits and diversified.
❖Bottom support reached:
$DOT ~ 23k satoshi
$XMR ~ 650k sat
$MTL ~ 1500 sat
$ALGO ~ 1500 sat
$XTZ ~ 10k sat
$LOOM ~ 120 sat
$MANA ~ 390 sat
$BAT ~ 1000 sat
$POLY ~ 310 sat
$ENJ ~ 660 sat
❖Added new @ bottom support
$REP ~ 79k sat
$AKRO ~ 49 sat
❖Lowered: $MKR
❖Removed: $KAVA

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