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Nov 21, 2022
Nov 28, 2022
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Money printers are starting to get warm again here in the EU. Watch out for decline in the €€€ purchasing power. $BTC

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The Money Printer
13 Nov, 2022

Good morning to everyone. 

Recent events show how truly bad we need Bitcoin and proof of work to stand out of this crypto industry.

Personally I think almost everyone enters into this space to get rich with the "next Bitcoin". However there are no shortcuts, either you are a great altcoin trader or you should only hold Bitcoin in your own custody. 

This fund will maintain high Bitcoin exposure as long as the BTC dominance is at all time lows.

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Buying $LINK with half of our $USDC position. 

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I just have to question the creditability of "crypto" when this kind of fraud happens at the highest level. IMO Bitcoin is the singal, everything else is noise. 

This fund will trade some altcoins only to have more $BTC in the end. 

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Good morning. The bottom of the bear market is near. We are getting ready to allocate rest of our $USDC into market. $BTC

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The Money Printer
28 Oct, 2022

Either $BTC explodes higher or lower from here, we believe it is likely that btc dominance will go up shortly. Positioning our fund with 80% BTC & 20% $USDC

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The Money Printer
13 Oct, 2022

We are getting the volatility expected and are starting to buy the capitulation with our $USDC position. Adding $LINK to our fund as well as more $BTC .

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Crypto markets have been real quiet lately. Expecting volatility to rise. This may be the last drop as 4 year cycle low is due at the end of this year. 

We aim to allocate our $USDC  into $BTC /few altcoins at the bottom. 

Have a great weekend! 

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The Money Printer
28 Sep, 2022

Central bank of England looking to turn the money printers back on... Got Bitcoin? $BTC

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The Money Printer
27 Sep, 2022

Good morning, 

Bitcoin up in this macro situation, interesting... 

We continue to hold btc/usdc position for now. 

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