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Jon Farmer CI


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Jon Farmer CI Strategy Performance

Jon Farmer CI Strategy Performance

May 22, 2024
May 29, 2024

About this Strategy

About this Strategy

Additional long term cryptocurrency "pension" Strategy as hedge against inflationary climate and tool in responding to specific crypto trends.


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-83.23 %
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Jon Farmer CI
7 Mar, 2024

We took some $RNDR profits🤏, we’ve made +50% profit since last rebalance. Happy, since we had scooped a little more $RNDR at the sub $7 lvl when it dropped last Tuesday😃.

On socials $RNDR is getting more attention. I’m reading rumours about potential, undisclosed partnerships; Stability AI, a big movie studio other than Paramount, … are things I see mentioned. Apparently, total nodes on the $RNDR network have quadrupled overnight: from 1402 to 5608 nodes😯. People are seeking all kinds of explanations…🤓 Also Gen Z has easy access through Coinbase. So new money is coming in easy. GTC 2024 in two weeks!




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You mentioned all trigger points, anyway I totally agree with you $RNDR is one of the best projects out there and could easily go much higher than current levels 😉

Jon Farmer CI
27 Feb, 2024

A new leg upward for $BTC. Very strong movement👍. Which I clearly did not expect nor anticipated (we already chose to swap to $ETH some time ago). Also it seems that if Microstrategy buys, the price will no longer fall🙃? People that are buying now, aren't price sensitive anymore.

I hope $BTC can consolidate for some time at these levels so our alts can eventually excel again, maybe the final time in this momentum💪..

In my view, we're going to form a local top shortly before the upcoming halving.

If alts pump soon, I will gradually take some profits from them. Likely most of the portfolio will still be allocated. As we have decent entry levels and I reckon irrationality and possible supply shock can bring unforeseen goings.

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Jon Farmer CI
22 Feb, 2024

$NVDA came with good (impressive) results. $RNDR is reacting nicely, as it “somehow” has the connotation to be “the NVIDIA of Crypto”🚀.

The CEO of OTOY ($RNDR) Jules Urbach will be speaking about Render network and its roadmap at the NVIDIA GTC 2024 on March 20👍.

We are thus seeing a lot of developments pointing to strong demand for GPU and AI related “learning” in the (near) future.🫡

E.g.: it seems yesterday, NVIDIA has closed a partnership with Google: teams from both companies will be working closely together in an attempt to accelerate the performance of “Gemma”. Therefore, developers can run Gemma on NVIDIA’s GPU’s…

This all confirms our thesis and current allocation.

Links to the articles:



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Jon Farmer CI
19 Feb, 2024

AI coins made some swift upward moves so far. Guess the launch of Sora triggered the momentum. Now I will swap a small portion of the $RNDR allocation to $LINK, $FIL and $DOT. For conservative reasons: keeping the balance in fit and because they have somehow "underperformed". Further will keep close eyeing everything within the AI, DePIN, decentralized computing narrative... Maybe adding an extra project later on, when price has retraced a bit. 

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