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Dec 2, 2022
Dec 9, 2022


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Alpha Digital
18 Nov, 2021

First buy-zone approached.

Buy when there's blood on the streets.

$YFI and $ICX have weathered the storm relatively well.

$CHZ is a metaverse/NFT investment.

I expect $BTC to bottom out around its current price, at least temporarily. I will add on the next dump, or on confirmation of a reversal.

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Alpha Digital
16 Nov, 2021

So what happened today?

We saw a big leverage flush.

Anyone who longed near the top with a leverage of 10 or higher got liquidated. Open interest (the entirety of long+short positions) decreased substantially. It was the biggest liquidation event in 2 months, and either shows what's to come or marks the bottom of this move.

I'm betting on the latter. Strong alts should continue to perform well, as long as $BTC holds its range. Identifying these altcoins is a tough challenge. $TOMO and $SXP held up pretty well during the drop. $ICX is recovering strongly. $LTC and $ONE showed strong performance before and are both resting on their respective support.

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Alpha Digital
16 Nov, 2021

$BTC lost the 64k support. As long as we don't establish a new range or reclaim 64k, Bitcoin is in a pretty weak spot.

Alts have shown mixed performance lately. $ICX and $LTC though were two of the good performers.

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Good Morning $ICX

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Add little position of $ICX and $FET very nice....

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Stable WCI
17 Jun, 2021

Well, $BTC is loosing strength, but will keep it at 25%. Adding $ICX . With 2.0 it could be huge.

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Alpha Digital
18 May, 2021

+25% in one day, $SUSHI, $SNX, and $YFI are forces of nature! DeFi summer 2.0 is in the making. 🔥
I'll be using the current market to trade a few breakouts and retests in the coming days. In the center of attention for me are $LTC, $BAL, $SXP, $LINK, $BAND, $COTI, $ICX, $ATOM, $MATIC, $AAVE, $SRM, $SOL, $REN, $ZEC, and $XMR. 👀
Let's get back to ATH 🤟

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Bobbies Rocket
10 Apr, 2021

Here we go! 🚀📈🔥👀$LUNA $ADA $ICX $IRIS $ANKR

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Stable Balance
9 Apr, 2021

✅ We are reconstructed:
🔥 we have more than 5000 euro liquidity - from May we will be a open publis strategies;
😎 we have new name:
📈 we rebalanced , but we save our main strategie - $BTC, $ETH, $ICX - all other assets can come and can go.
So only to the moon - not so fast, but not high volatility. 🚀🚀🚀

The month of March brought us a wonderful return of 78% o.i..
We are especially gratefull for the gains of $ICX +130%, $HBAR +227%, $NPXS +348%, and $FIL with +452%.

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