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Jan 19, 2022
Jan 26, 2022
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2022 will be the year of NFT and Metaverse

This is a new option to follow the Metaverse projects

Decentraland $MANA

Axie Infinity $AXS

The Sand $SAND


 Enjin Coin $ENJ

SushiSwap $SUSHI


Chromia $CHR

Have a look:


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Pigster Crypto
1 Jan, 2022

Now, for the first rebalance of the year taking some profits and adding a new project $ENJ.

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Millais Capital
23 Dec, 2021

Amazing gains today from $NEAR $ENJ $CRV and $ATOM, $LUNA also staying strong. Keeping structure the same for now and let’s keep riding this for some nice Christmas profits! Remember to take some for yourselves on the way up.

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$MATIC and $XTZ were added to the index, both projects show big potential and they seem on track to deliver the results! Both projects are ready to move. MATIC with its new partnership, and as a gamer well XTZ is a must. Like $ENJ that I hold for so long and made good coins with.... 

Have a nice an profitable day guys.

SwissWolfAlpha - out

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Rebalanced and picked up #GEMS @ insane levels on $RUNE $ONE $GRT $LRC $ENJ $FIL $CHZ $THETA and many more.

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3 Dec, 2021

NewFutureTokens ATH up from 300% (5th Nov) to 420% today (3th Dec)

Lets keep on Flying 

Rebalanced again and added some WEB3 projects.


$ENJ removed

Have a nice weekend

The flying Dutchman

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I think I came at the wrong moment. I'm already at -20% what's your next move ? Why not switching to full usdt before the actual dump ?

good game, another flying Dutchie 

1 Dec, 2021

Quick Rebalance Update

Moonity took $LUNA & $STORJ profits & increased $BTC as well as $ENJ positions slightly.

Stay happy, healthy and mindful 

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Crypto Rockets
26 Nov, 2021

Rebalanced $WAXP, $ROSE, $ENJ and $THETA to be well set up if we bounce.

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Crypto Rockets
25 Nov, 2021

Yesterday I rebalanced the portfolio, taking some gains from our best performing assets $SAND, $ENJ, $WAXP and $ROSE and redistributed them to other, currently more undervalued projects like $CHZ or $THETA. Also, I added $MATIC to our collection, an awesome scalable, efficient and developer-friendly project on the $ETH blockchain.

All of this seems to have paid off, we're keeping the upside momentum despite some red numbers.

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