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Diversitas EW


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Diversitas EW Strategy Performance

Diversitas EW Strategy Performance

Feb 25, 2024
Mar 3, 2024

A word from the Strategist

A word from the Strategist

About this Strategy

About this Strategy

Diversitas EW is an equal-weighted strategy with high altcoin exposure.

Performance & Risk

Performance & Risk
Annualised Return
Max. Drawdown
-39.30 %
+10.95 %
+1.87 %



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Structure changes

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Feb 26, 2024, 7:05:00 AM
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Diversitas EW
19 Feb, 2024

Regular weekly rebalance was just performedGreat week for some of the altcoins🚀$SEI is a weekly winner and is up over 40%🔥

Have a great start of the week🙌

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Diversitas EW
30 Jan, 2024

We have rebalanced the structure to add $SEI 🚀 it was just added to ICONOMI 👌

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Iconomi is adding coins very late like when everything is 200%

@Shantini Yes, $SEI is an altcoin with very innovative technology.

What is sei? Can see many of my straregys have added sei, is it an alt?☺️

Diversitas EW
15 Jan, 2024

Quick update:

The ETF launch did not play out like many expected but $BTC still outperformed most of the altcoins since our last rebalance. This means we are now buying back most of them at a lower price and going back into our original EW structure👌

In our view, we won't go much lower as most coins look bottomed out on multiple timeframes. Once we bounce, the altcoins will likely outperform🤔

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@Petr Correction already happened but we feel like it's close to an end.

What you thing about January correction which happens often? What's your sentiment please?

Diversitas EW
8 Jan, 2024

Quick update:

As expected, we got the S-1 forms. We are now one step closer to an ETF approval👌 Still execting the approval to take place on Wednesday🚀

Let's gooo🔥 $BTC

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Diversitas EW
26 Dec, 2023

Quick Update 🚀:

In response to the imminent spot Bitcoin ETF approval, we're making a strategic move to optimize our strategy. While our equal-weighted strategy typically consists of 10 assets with 10% weight, we decided to make a temporary change.

To safeguard and maximize our gains, we've decided to adjust our allocation in anticipation of the significant impact the Bitcoin ETF approval could have. The data suggests that money will start to flow from altcoins into $BTC, potentially outperforming them substantially. Therefore, we are strategically repositioning our portfolio by increasing our $BTC holding to 80%, aligning with our conviction in its gains post-approval. The remaining 20% will be maintained in a diversified selection of altcoins (10 altcoins with 2% weight)

P.S. This is only a temporary change, meaning that after the approval, we will go back into our normal structure.

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@Koba no problem, if you will have any further questions, please let us know!

@Koba Yes, although this is normally an Equal Weighted strategy, we make exceptions in times like this. That being said, if we can we try to stick to EW structure but this does not always mean 10 holdings with 10% weight. In the past, we were also in a 50% USDT and 50% USDC structure. Once even in 25% BTC, 25% ETH, 25% USDC, and 25% USDT structure. We do adapt to the market as much as possible.

The main difference between the strategies is that EW has a higher altcoin exposure limit and does not run algos for all the positions but instead follows $BTC and $BTC dominance charts. Diversitas, on the other hand, runs algos for all the holdings that are monitored daily and makes changes asset by asset.