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Jan 19, 2022
Jan 26, 2022
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Finally! $BTC breaking out and closing a 4H candle above resistance.

Bitcoin is now retesting the breakout line. I expect a confirmation as support.

I see strong headwinds because of heightened, persistent inflation and the fed signaling a faster tapering + rate hike. The new Omicron variant brings even more uncertainty.

In the end, I'm trading the charts. If the charts are hinting towards a bullish continuation, I won't stand in the way.

Because $ETH saw a strong rally, I think L1s will continue to perform well. That's why I added $ATOM, $AVAX, $FTM, and $SOL equally weighted at 8% each.

I also think DeFi is going to have its comeback. $BNT and $RUNE are investments I believe will appreciate even if we don't see a sector-wide upwards move. Allocated 12% each.

$ETH and $BTC are supposed to bring stability in case either of them goes parabolic and sucks liquidity out of the rest of the market. They should also hold up better in case of the market correcting a bit.

IMO $ETH likely outperforms $BTC for the rest of the bull run, so I splitted the remains 24% and 20%.

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Hey Paul. Can you brief us on the levels you’re watching? Thanks

I was adding more during crashes, even tho im in a loss since I copied you recently. Hope you bring good results in future 🙂

Stop crying guys.

1. You chose this strategy

2. Its still has an amazing long time return

3. "everyone doing good on bullruns" then dont worry, this one is probably not over and there will be another one 😉

14 Sep, 2021

Removed $BNT $SUSHI

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24 Jul, 2021


Removed $BLZ

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18 May, 2021

Added $BNT as a swingtrade!

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We perform a slow rebalance to take profits and reallocate to add to our losers. While everything is down, $MATIC books a 100% profit since our last rebalance and keeping us in the green. We reduce our exposure to $BNT from 10- to 5% and add 5% to $GRT, making this 10% of our holdings. The blockchain search engine shows promising developments and is IMO ready to go up.


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This dump is to shake you out even though you'd be better off buying the dip. 😎
I expect a capital rotation from $ETH to $DeFi.
Adding a basket of $BAL, $SXP, $SNX, $SUSHI, $UTK, and $ALPHA to the strategy. 🚀
Keeping $ATOM and $BNT. Removing $LTC

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$BTC shows weakness even after bouncing off of the daily Moving Average (99).
$ETH is still looking good, but the last daily candles signaled indecisiveness. 🤔
Most @ALTS are taking double-digit percentage hits over the last 24 hours.
$ATOM still looks very good. $BNT and $BAND are sitting near support zones and will be reevaluated once the market rebounds.
Favor coins with a strong trend 📈

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We add $RSR to our portfolio at 5% of our allocations, decreasing our $BNT allocation from 15- to 10%. With recent surges in interest for stable-coins and its rapid expansion to Latin American markets and good tokenomics, we expect to see much room for upside price action here we do not want to miss.

We'll keep a close eye on this one.


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STP Strategy
13 Apr, 2021

Rebalancing to increase exposure to $LUNA. $LINK/$GRT/$LUNA/$BNT eaqual weight - 25/25/25/25 🤟

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Rebalance and small adjustments to our structure, removing $BNT, $LUNA, $UNI, adding $ALPHA, $CRV, $SOL.

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