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Aug 7, 2022
Aug 14, 2022
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I took some profits in $ATOM because it outperformed our other holdings 40% and it is slightly less attractive after this big run up. It might run into some resistance at 40usd and at previous ATH's before breaking out.

I added $SUSHI because it is in an uptrend. $ETH whales are buying it and it has room to run.

$ANKR shows signs of strength, so I keep an eye on it, but I didn't buy it yet.

$LUNA looks ready for new ATH's, so I let it run.

$BTC and $ETH ate bottoming out and allow the best alts to run.

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27 Dec, 2021

Return of the DeFi. Despite potential upcoming regulatory headwinds, DeFi continues to grow, and assets like $YFI and $COMP are finally showing upside. I have slowly added those, replacing sideways performing $RSR and $ANKR. I will however reduce them again to add $LUNA if it solidly breaks its previous high.

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Rebalanced our portfolio and readded the unloved $XRP because it seems ready for a breakout. $XRP has a history of violent breakouts. We might be wrong (or early) but I don't want to miss the $XRP train once it leaves the station. I sold our $ANKR to make this possible. We'll be back in $ANKR when the opportunity cost seems lower.

Bought some of the $LUNA blood after the pullback. The moonmission is far from over.

$ATOM performed very well over the last few days, so I lowered our position a little bit.

I kept $ETH as our biggest allocation. It still is the easiest $BTC outperformer, certainly on a risk adjusted basis.

Great times ahead!

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18 Dec, 2021

Great performance over the past week, and a warm welcome to new followers!

As you may have seen, the biggest project in the strategy, $ANT, was reduced and then dropped completely at around 0.000140 BTC due to overshooting too much. The current price is 0.000125, so this was a great exit near the top (Possible re-entry later!).

From $ANT I mostly added to $LUNA which has done great, and added $RSR to further beef up DeFI/stablecoins. $ANKR is often quite uncorrelated and added for balance, and it is a well respected staking platform. $FET has underperformed, but has a bright future, so it retains its place, but I am not rebalancing profits into it.

No big change today; Just a little reduction in $LUNA to redistribute its great performance.

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Our $AVAX position outperforms $BTC by 46% right now but we let it grow because I think it will break out to new ATH's in USD and it is flirting with new ATH in $BTC . It outperformed some of our other alts by an even larger margin. I will only consider to take profits in $AVAX when it makes new ATH's in $ETH value.

$LUNA is very strong as well and I'm happy it's our largest position. It dwarfs $BTC and $ETH and continues its journey to the triple digits. An absolute moonmission.... What's in a name?

$SOL is very resilient and trades close to ATH's in $BTC and $ETH .

$ETH is in a bullrun against $BTC and I expect it to continue. My first target is the inevitable 0.1 $BTC .

Our other alts will need some more time to recover from this correction but as soon as $BTC shows we're not going down further, they will start to rise again and fast. The upside in $ANKR , $RUNE , $VET , $FTT and many others is huge!

Fasten your seatbells!

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All our alts continue to outperform $BTC (except $RUNE ).

As expected $LUNA bounced back hard and is on a moon mission to new ATH's.

$ADA is gaining strength. It was everybody's favourite alt not so long ago and now it is very unloved. That's why I hold a decent allocation to $ADA as a contrarian. An absolute beast with fantastic fundamentals.

$ANKR proved to be an excellent trading vehicle and diversifier in the past and it looks like it will continue to be so.

$AVAX is stealing the show. Happy we bought this new cryptodarling on the dip.

$ETH looks like it will need soms rest around 4.4k. That will allow the alts to run (as long as $BTC holds the line.)

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I understand, but that's a long term/short term question in my opinion. Both are amazing projects long term. Ada will outpeform $BTC in a bull and it served me well as an $ETH hedge. It tends to be strong when eth is weak and vice versa. $LINK is a small position and I consider it more a bear marktet hedge for $BTC . It did exceptionally well during the bear market. It's a steady grower and it doesn't seem to grow on sentiment, but on fundamentals. If you look at the long term $LINK chart in usd , it's still in an amazing uptrend. I will always keep a small allocation to $LINK , unless the thesis breaks fundamentally.

not sure about ADA and LINK anymore...

Another $LUNA profit taking rebalance because 70usd was a big target.

Added the profits to $ETH , $AVAX, $FTT , $ANKR , $DOT and $BNB

$ATOM is our alt of the day! 

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I re-added $ANKR after the selloff.

I think it will run again. Traded a few times succesfully in and out of $ANKR in the past, based on $BTC or $ETH value. It pulled back after we sold it last time. But it is still in an upward trend. So: 

I expect it to make new ATH's and fly once it is in uncharted territory. 

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Sold all my $ANKR during its pump. You can't make limit orders at iconomi so it's best to take profits in such coins whenever they outperformed $BTC . $ANKR was approximately at an ATH in $BTC .

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Quick rebalance to take $ANKR profits after the pop and $RUNE profits after the strong rise relative to our other projects. I'll take a small $USDT position because all international markets are selling off hard due to a new coronavariant. Quite sure I will be able to buy some blood later on.

Long term this new variant makes the picture only brighter for crypto. Moneyprinting will continue with new virus-issues.

Long $BTC , long $ETH

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