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Jan 21, 2023
Jan 28, 2023


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23 Dec, 2022

Happy Holy Days & a Merry Winter Solstice Re-balance

/rm $MKR | $LINK | $EGLD | - .56% $XMR

/add + 2.06% $ADA | + .53% $GRT | + .47% $LTC

Enjoy the silent nights, as well as blessed givings with your loved ones and stay healthy 🙏

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16 Nov, 2022

Re⚖️Balance & Pivot Update

This is a sizeable one. Removed many assets that could come under heavy regulatory scrutiny or become entangled in the FTX contagion.

Moonity saw $XMR showing immense strength amidst the chaos and it seems like the best non freezable digital asset hedge (since DAI is not available for almost a year now on iconomi).

/rm $AVAX | $FLOW | $REN | $RVN | -1.93% $MKR | -1.42$ $MANA | -1.4% $LINK | -0.96% $AAVE | -.99% $SAND

/add +4.57% $XMR  | +3.89% $ADA | +1.36% $GRT | +1.43% $KMD

Why Moonity increased $ADA

"Hydra Payments" (a L2 for micro payments, utilizing the Hydra protocol stack) was announced for Cardano to be rolled out end of this year. This is ushering in the DeFi era on the blockchain; together with the first stable coin to be released end of this or beginning of next year.

Stay happy & mindful🙏

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@KeotionaErro everything is possible. Even XMR being banned from CentralizedExchanges (CEX) or all crypto assets going to 0. However we believe in a future that is now emerging, where DecentralizedExchanges (DEX) are equally in demand as centralized ones. Banning a privacy oriented crypto asset from a DEX is almost impossible.

Won't XMR be banned from every echange?

18 Oct, 2022

Re⚖️balance / Pivot Update

The pivot started and will take about 30-90 days, depending on macro econ. and crypto market sentiments.

/rm $WAXP | - .2% $MATIC | - .18% $MTL | - .37% $AAVE | - .46% $MKR

/add + .64% $ADA | + .39% $GRT | + .04% $ATOM | + .74% $AR

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13 Oct, 2022

Quick re⚖️balance update

/ Shaved off some minor $MKR profit

/ Started fading out $SAND

/ Added more $ATOM - 🐂for 2023

Stay healthy & happy 🙏

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4 Oct, 2022

Quick re⚖️balance update

Starting to fade out $EGLD , increased $AAVE and $MKR .

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A post dedicated to Maker DAO:

I've kept hearing in last months that crypto is speculative, there's no revenue generating businesses. I'll tell you what, all these people are clueless and did zero research.

In DeFi space we have just very few protocols that actualy generate more reveneue than they incentivise with inflated token incentives.

$MKR is one of these DeFi bluechips. I am aware that bear cycle hurt it due to panick and liquidity crisis but i'm positive that Maker DAO will be leading next wave of DAO adoption and will prove skeptics that decentralised finance has come so far that we now have revenue generating protocols.

This is just the start of DeFi revolution.

Not to mention in past weeks i posted Maker DAO's lending system has entered TradFi and Business bank in USA is using it😉

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Rebalanced portfolio 

Did some micro trades over the night and sold $ATOM position again 

Plan for the short term future

Stay mostly in $BTC

Be exposed to interoperability oriented projects & DeFi ➡️ $RUNE $MKR $UNI $DOT $INJ $DYDX

Some minor exposure will be on privacy oriented projects ➡️ $XMR $ROSE

The $BTC position will remain untouched untill we see good entry point in our favourite Altcoin pair

NOTE: 🔥Yesterday Fidelity Investments is weighing a plan to allow individual investors to trade bitcoin on its brokerage platform 🔥


Keep in mind that Fidelity is a brokerage firm that has over 34 million clients and has over 4,5 trillion $ Assets under management. Institutions are opening the doors for capital to flow into Crypto. The first asset to benefit from this will be ofcourse $BTC

Remember we posted the news few weeks ago Black Rock the biggest institutional asset manager has opened gates for trading BItcoin and now Fidelity investments.

Black Rock is #1 Asset manager in the world

Fidelity investments is #4 Asset manager in the world

Institutions and smart money loves these prices. While retail investors don't care about crypto anymore, hype is gone. Huge things are happening behind the scenes.

Our Tip: Don't be like most people like in the picture bellow 👇

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Maker DAO is the biggest Decentralised Autonomous Organisation in crypto. It's battle tested protocol has recently made a break through to Traditional Finance players.

100-Year-Old Pennsylvania-Based Bank Approved to Leverage Makerdao's Stablecoin Vault

What we are seeing right now is that Maker DAO's lending system kept working even though markets went into capitulation phase.


1 DAI = 1 US $

Business banks have noticed this and now they are dipping their toes to leverage the DeFi technology.

You can read more in depth in the link bellow.


We've said in the past many times that future of finance will be built on decentralised protocols. We are investing in this future today. Adoption is increasing although crypto has had the biggest correction ever.

We remain positive and strive to invest in leading DeFi protocols of the future.

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GoldHorn DeFi
30 Jun, 2022

✅ GoldHorn Crypto® has executed quarterly readjustment of GoldHorn Crypto® DeFi structure.

Removed: $FTM, $RUNE.

Added: $MKR, $AAVE, $GRT.

✅ GoldHorn Crypto® has executed passive equal weight strategy by rebalancing GoldHorn Crypto® DeFi structure. ✅

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Kairos Capital
2 Apr, 2022

Taking some profits from this huge $FXS pump.

Seeing a bit of good DeFi price action again - adding some $AAVE and $MKR, staying bullish on $CRV, $CVX, and $RUNE.

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