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Oct 11, 2021
Oct 18, 2021
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26 May, 2021

Rebalanced to take profits over $LUNA and $LRC. Increased our holdings in $BCH, $LTC, $REP, which have shown less recovery after last dip. For now, I aim to condense holdings and sell some positions and focus on a few main holdings instead of the highly diversified portfolio we have right now. Let's hope for some more recovery🚀🙏📈📈

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Green Machine
12 May, 2021

$LRC, $MATIC & $AAVE all up 20%+ since last rebalance. Rebalance with minor weight changes now.

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Best of Crypto
11 May, 2021

Bought selectively tokens that benefit from huge $ETH tx fees. These are layer2 solutions like $LRC or $LOOM or competitor chains. I am still cautious for the crypto market overall as yesterdays price drop was not really a sell-off like in the past few weeks with clear signs of capitulation. Still keeping a large junk of cash (or Gold) and I'm ready to move into cash completely again...

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15 Apr, 2021

Just restructured and rebalanced📈
Added some $SNT, $BCH, $XLM, $LINK, $LRC among other.
Let's go! 🚀

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Stable WCI
20 Mar, 2021

Removing $TRB - nice gains from entry point. Adding $LRC (3%), I believe it could go up soon.

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Green Machine
28 Feb, 2021

Everything down but feeling more bullish than ever so still in dip-buying mode, especially on anything to do with scalability. Adding $LRC & $ANKR for a total of 6.5%, lowering $ETH & $ATOM 1% each, removing $COTI. However BTC weekly chart is looking very ugly right now with a *huge* red candle rejection at the top - but it was overdue.

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Removing $BNT and adding $ALPHA. Rebalancing $LRC, $SOL, $ENJ, $AAVE, $LINK.

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Empezamos 2021 con unos resultados excelentes! +66.21% en Enero, gracias sobre todo a nuestras alts ($BAND $SNX $SUSHI $LRC...)

Una estrategia agresiva que nos ha permitido superar con creces el rendimiento de $BTC (+20%)

Seguimos trabajando!

Closing $DOT position. Rebalancing and adding $LRC and $LINK

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Smart Hamster
24 Jan, 2021

Rebalancing profits to buy more alts: $GNT, $PNT, $MATIC, $ZIL, $LRC, and $LUNA.

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