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May 14, 2022
May 21, 2022
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Loopring Mentioned by strategists
29 Mar, 2022


I am also looking into the two projects right now in which I might be investing 4-7% of the portfolio. Those two projects are $LRC (Loopring) and $RUNE (Thorchain) 

Loopring because they have officially partnered with GameStop and launched the NFT marketplace with Loopring integration (huge long-term potential)

Thorchain because it has a connection to


But they’re each solving a different problem, and together they make each other stronger.

$LUNA solves one of crypto’s urgent problems: we need decentralized stablecoins. 

$RUNE solves another of crypto’s urgent problems: we need decentralized trading between different blockchains. 

Patiently waiting for some pullback 

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23 Mar, 2022

The Loopring x Gamestop partnership has officially been announced!

Read more here:


This is BIG and you're still very early  Loopring is just getting started.


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15 Jan, 2022


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14 Jan, 2022


Sadly enough, the partnership announcement did not happen before the end of the year. Reasons could be that the partners is not yet ready, the platform is not yet ready, NDA's restrict further communication etc. 

However, there is still a whole lot of development happening at Loopring's side and I remain very bullish and I keep adding to my positions while these low prices last. Even more so because the Gamestop (GME) collaboration hints still seem valid. I added an overview which lists all the current features added.

Also, it is wise to always check the rest of the market (especcialy $BTC and $ETH ) when alts drop. Crypto is currently suffering from bearish sentiment, but better days will come. 

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4 Jan, 2022

This interview provides some interesting info on the roadmap of $ETH and Vitalik using $LRC as an example of creating fast transactions at low cost.


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24 Dec, 2021

This week, Loopring ($LRC) has officially launched their counterfactual wallet on IOS and Android! They also launched their trading tournament to increase traffic and receive early adaptor feedback.

"With the release of our Counterfactual Wallet, users can now deploy the Wallet on L2-only, bypassing a costly creation fee on L1. This-try-it-before-you-buy-it option allows users to experience the power of Ethereum L2 right away. If users would like to withdraw funds to L1, they can deploy their Ethereum L1 smart contract wallet, paying for the creation cost at that time."


I tried creating my wallet (by card --> direct on-ramp to ETH) and it was an effortless & quick process and most of all: incredibly low fees!

Here's a (slightly outdated) video tutorial on how to create your personal Layer 2 wallet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyoIMECzgeI&t=124s

There's a minimum deposit required when creating your wallet. This is not a minimum COST, though. You get to keep this deposit in your newly created L2 wallet.

What else is going on regarding the GME partnership? Here's a good read on that topic:


Happy holidays!

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"Loopring (LRC), a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that utilizes zkRollups, just took a significant step toward mass accessibility, thereby paving the way for a potential partnership with GameStop.

As a refresher, Rollups are a Layer 2 (L2) solution that aggregates and processes transactions outside of Ethereum’s main blockchain. These processed transactions are then bundled and posted on the main chain, thereby increasing Ethereum’s transaction processing power or scalability by orders of magnitude and bypassing its prohibitive transaction processing fees (also known as gas fees). Loopring uses a new type of Rollup, dubbed the zkRollup (zero-knowledge Rollups). A zero-knowledge proof makes a claim regarding the accuracy of a particular data set without actually sharing that data. This is done by generating proofs based on cryptographic computations for each batch of transactions. Since zkRollups do not require a challenge period, as the validity proofs have already verified the legitimacy of the underlying transaction data, transactions can be processed very quickly. In fact, Loopring claims that it can process over 2,000 trades per second."

Counterfactual wallet and fiat on ramp released on $LRC. Christmas comes just in time. There must be very little time left for them to announce their GameStop partnership and NFT marketplace as they only have around a week left. Maybe they won’t announce it on time for their target but let’s hope they do so we get an extra Christmas surprise.

Keep holding strong.

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Yeah total disaster this strategy

that rebalance tho... my guy haha

Russia is invading Ukraine. When war comes, the markets all fall and the banks and hedge funds seek safety in gold and silver. We're in big trouble across all the markets. I don't see things getting better for the moment. On news of Russia's bombing of Ukraine this morning, gold and silver started going up and cryptocurrencies dumped 10-20%.

Took some of $LUNA profit and moved back into $LRC

10 Dec, 2021

Disappointing performance but I do see this as an opportunity to double down on my convictions. I have swapped $LRC for $FET based on fundamentals and price entry. $FET has seen recent drops that are running out of steam. At the same time AI in this space is going to be huge when it matures. $ANT has been increased a little as it dips.

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7 Dec, 2021

All-in Loopring ($LRC), that's it. No (panic) selling, just holding.


An easy digestible explanation of Loopring: https://bit.ly/3lJn8Dw

Read more here: https://bit.ly/3rHiLwx

Gamestop ($GME) collaboration will be announced in the very near future. After that: . We're still very early.

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