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Nov 28, 2022
Dec 5, 2022


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CARUS-AR is an semi-passive Crypto Strategy investing in the developing blockchain, DeFi & crypto space. Website

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News Feed

30 Nov, 2022

Relatively positive numbers coming from the USA and possible changes in rate hikes are helping markets some.

Good to see, let's now hope we'll can keep a bottom forming.

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23 Nov, 2022

It will for sure take time to find out the total damage of the FTX scandal, Crypto in general has been hurt badly. A long term view and focus on techology (not hype) will be needed.

Happy to see ICONOMI functional during this time, bad as they are.

Bear markets hurt, they are no fun. Will focus on the fundamentals of blockchain projects.

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did ICONOMI already declared proof of reserves?

14 Nov, 2022

Friends informed me that there are some who are claiming that CARUS-AR has 'gone insane' and is riding ALTS all the way down this bear market…

Not going to argue about bad results, they are horrible and the total crypto industry has been hit hard. CARUS-AR is no different sadly. Truly wishing I was out, listened to some voices predicting this crash (always very easy to be correct after the event now), all those obvious things.

However, I would like to remind all that I have never made promises about gains, have been very clear about risks and tried to help people manage risks.

I have always done my very best to explain my trades, holdings and thoughts. Never deleted tweets, even with the LUNA crash.

On November 29th 2021 I posted this:

Clearly stating: No more trading or protecting against corrections, focus on fundamentals. We will be following the markets. No matter how bad of a call this might have been, I made that choice for good reasons personally and communicated this.

To now claim I am somehow a liar is very sad, I never lied. Emotions are high for all now, losses can be very hard to deal with and I hope all of you can find help if needed.

Appreciate all the support from many of you.

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I just wanna add that I really respect you and what you're trying to do here.. but all these tokens are illegal (they do not pass howey test) and the idea that there will be another "cycle" is a myth. outside of the crypto bubble, the rest of the world is very much over this fad, and there is no new captial coming for a very long time.

it's a casino run by fraudsters. these tokens are not going to deliver real world value. it's going to zero. save the cash you have left.

And for the record. Focusing on fundamentals and holding 30% luna.. Luna was fundamentaly flawed from the beggining

12 Nov, 2022

Very hard to know for sure what is real and fake now around FTX... However best to stay careful and remove the FTX app and do not visit the FTX website.


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unfortunately QT is really showing who is swimming naked and crypto as an industry is a prime example of that. Bitcoin as proof of work is not the same as crypto.

11 Nov, 2022

Great to read this Tweet from ICONOMI:

"During the recent events related to FTX, crypto assets at ICONOMI haven't been exposed

Some might say that our compliance team is conservative, but they did an amazing job. 

Thread about security is coming this afternoon."

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@TrustLibid: well as we see (and are about to see), not everyone acts like we would expect. I’m glad Iconomi does.

the act as they should act. nothing special about it.

11 Nov, 2022

One of the better articles explaining how FTX and FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried used customer funds to trade and try to save Alameda Research.

This has been a 'Lehman Brothers' style event for Crypto. Much like the LUNA crash, the damage is very large for the ecosystem (they could even be very related).

If Crypto survives this, it will be stronger for it. In the end it is a good thing for bad people and businesses to leave... This however does not help any of the people who lost a lot on FTX.

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10 Nov, 2022

Good morning. To be clear: I am not stopping with the CARUS-AR strategy nor stopping trying to find solid projects in Crypto.

Sentiment is horrible, so are returns. It's rough. Still plan for CARUS-AR to be here with good holdings when (or if) crypto markets turn green.

Big thanks to all copiers.

13 people like this

Thanks Carusar, keep going!

no worries, crypto still has to mature and these things happen. We must get rid of those idiots quickly now. But, as long as we hope for high returns in relatively short timeframes, leveraging is encouraged….(with risks attached)

9 Nov, 2022

Where to even begin. Absolutely horrible times for crypto right now.

Looking back the choices of: staying in markets, committing to L1 and DeFi and well researched projects have sadly proven to have been horrible. No other words for it... Even 'quality' projects just crash with the total market.

I have clearly communicated that I would not exit markets, or try to trade anymore and I have not. And won't at this time. With the results we have now the only thing to do is to ohnestly say I did my very best for a very long time and am as disappointed as many of you must be.

For now all I can do is try to find projects that survive this mayhem, if crypto even survives, and stick to using ICONOMI to provide a balanced crypto strategy. Best case scenario, this will be a long wait for better times. Wish the story were different, but it is not.

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8 Nov, 2022

Ouch, crypto gives and then takes away...

Big move down, likely related to drama around $FTT token and the insolvency of FTX exchange.

This is the second largest exchange in crypto, a lot of panic selling happening right now.

Like stated many times, CARUS-AR is not trading this. Sadly events like insolvency of a exchnage are part of bear markets. Let's wait and see if the damage to crypto in general can stay limited.

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5 people like this

Once again terrible risk management for CARUS today -15% imho. Underperforming BTC (lifetime) unfortunately.

At least your portfolio doesn’t have too many alameda and Sol coins!

what are in your opinion the effects of Binance acquiring (DD is ongoing) FTX?

4 Nov, 2022

Please forgive me if I am early with this...

But just have to finally share a GIF like this again after so much bear market!

11 people like this

So far so good... No jinx

this is bot the end....we going lower...soon...