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Jun 25, 2022
Jul 2, 2022
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CARUS-AR is an semi-passive Crypto Strategy investing in the developing blockchain, DeFi & crypto space. Website

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30 Jun, 2022

Using this big move down to buy the dip with 25% of our $USDC. Staying 75% out.

Addded 5% of our favourite L1 projects $ATOM $NEAR $AVAX. And 5% of both $ETH and $BTC.

Should we bounce or find a bottom here we are in some. If not still on safe side.

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@atom, I think you should avoid ALT with ∞ total and max supply.

30 Jun, 2022

SEC rejected the Bitcoin ETF. Some hoped it would be approved. More down for $BTC it is...

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29 Jun, 2022

The brutal crash continues, $BTC breaking below 20.000 USD once again...

Good that we are 100% $USDC

Patience + a longterm investment view is the most important thing now.

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The fact also is that btc has already fallen 70% from itse highs and now probably is not the wisest time to be full on bearish like everyone else.

28 Jun, 2022

Do back down we go it seems, not happy about it but it confirms my idea that this bear market is pretty far from over (sadly).

$BTC and crypto had some support, and a nice bounce, but this is not a bottom yet.

I wait for sentiment to become truly boring. Talks about crypto being dead, everybody losing interest... THAT should be a better time to move back in.

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25 Jun, 2022

Everything very green, so tempted to move in but will wait for a correction.

If this truly is the bottom (I am absolutely not convinced it is) we most likely will not just instantly get a huge bullish rally. There will be corrections, bottoms forming... It is these I plan to buy.

12 people like this

@QCInvestments thank you, appreciate it very much. These are difficult choices in hard times.

Sounds like a good plan Menno. I want to compliment you for your effort to save some of the funds of your followers during a market crash. I hope you can find good moments to DCA back in.

bottom not in until Q4

24 Jun, 2022

Markets showing more strength, good to see but sad that we are out.

Not going to chase the green but will wait for a correction and buy back in some then.

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23 Jun, 2022

So markets are showing some strength, and we are 95% USD. A little frustrating of course.

However I simply do not believe its is likely the bottom is in right now and that the markets have turned bullish longer term.

Fundamentals have not changed much, still a lot of negative trends, news and sentiment.

Want to wait more for markets to show a trend or bottom forming. Also looking for truly positive news regarding inflation, policy or the war....

Plan to buy a correction at least, should this truly be botton (it could be of course).

8 people like this

But I agree this is probably not the bottom. I think 15k is more likely, but I wouldn't bet 95% on that.

It's very hard to pick a bottom. Markets react before the news. If oilprices keep falling, due to recessionfears, markets might anticipate inflation going down and the FED getting less hawkish.

Huge risks to be left out OR to buy back in higher only to see it crash back down. 95% in USD means you are trading the probability of 70% correction not being good enough to be allocated in bitcoin. Personally I feel risks of losing money high in this kind of scenario.

19 Jun, 2022

First signs of some strength here for crypto markets. Good to see for sure.

Will still stay out for now, one green Sunday evening is not yet a bottom or solid foundation. Let's see how mainstream markets open tomorrow and what sentiment is before maybe moving back in some.

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seems to me like you fell into the old trap of holding on in a downmarket, riding it down.. until you capitulated. And now, with fear and greed index 6 capitulation, and bottoming signs, your sitting in stable coins when the risk is much much lower holding coins here then it was two months ago.

19 Jun, 2022

First green after this insane move down... Not buying in yet... Absolutely no rush.

Hope bottom is close, the blood and pain for crypto is quite difficult to watch.

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8 people like this

"not buying in yet"

and the 5%?

18 Jun, 2022

Adjusted to 5% $BTC

3 people like this

@atmgp whe are IN a recession ;-)

BTC is going to 8-14k, some projects will never recover from this, it will take months before we realy will go up again.

Also the world will go into a recession, rest of 2022, so US markets will go down more also