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Sep 27, 2022
Oct 4, 2022


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Mentions and Tellor price predictions by strategists

Smart Hamster
6 May, 2021

Taking 10% profits $ETH - $3510, also sold a little bit of $TRB and $PNT.

No other changes.

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Pigster Crypto
29 Apr, 2021

Taking profits and adding them to $LUNA and $SOL. Adding new tokens to our strategy: $FTX, $ZRX and $TRB.

Pretty nice gains from $LINK, $ETH, and $BTC for the past 2-3 days.

In the past, it has often been found that in the days after these profits show up in smaller alts. At the same time, @TERRA remains a bargain and the retracement now appears complete.

Added $CND, $FTT, $LOOM, $MITH, $RCN, $TRB, and $QSP to spread some to smaller alts.

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Smart Hamster
1 Apr, 2021

Taking profits from $KAVA and $TRB to buy a little bit $CND and $TVK

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Smart Hamster
26 Mar, 2021

Bought several alts with great potential: $FXS, $KAVA, $TRB, $LUNA.

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Stable WCI
20 Mar, 2021

Removing $TRB - nice gains from entry point. Adding $LRC (3%), I believe it could go up soon.

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Stable WCI
2 Mar, 2021

will be adding gains from other coins to $TRB. It didn't rise yet, I believe it will.

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