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Jan 23, 2023
Jan 30, 2023


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14 Sep, 2021

Swapping $SC for $BTC as it looks like there could be another run to 50k and beyond around the corner.

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Magnus Core
22 Jun, 2021

Decreased cask allocation from 20% to 10%. This selloff is brutal, time to buy. $SC ,$MLN ,$WTC all among the buys. Use case coins only.

Magnus Core
22 May, 2021

Brutal down days, Magnus now 100% long. Coins with solid use cases $SC and $STORJ among the favorites. For those looking to follow: Magnus makes "all stable" or "all alts" calls regularly. We don't generally trade the top-10 by market cap.
Stay sharp out there!

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14 Apr, 2021

The Axium Fund: Europe's Top Tier Actively Managed Digital Asset Fund. 👀
The Axium Fund #CompoundingDigitalAssets $AXIUMFUND #PressWinnersHarder 🔥🔥 $SC #LongOnlyDigitalAssetFund #BuySide 🚀

Apex Based Crypto
23 Mar, 2021

Buying the dip on $ENJ $MATIC $BAL $SC and more. Are you ready for #altseason?

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Best of Crypto
18 Aug, 2020

Rediscovered the progress Status ($SNT) Ethereum Chat has made. Added it to the portfolio among other not yet hyped but well established projects like Aeternity $AE, Komodo $KMD, Golem $GNT and Siacoin $SC. Market is likely to rediscover these projects in the coming weeks.

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