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Nov 27, 2022
Dec 4, 2022


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Dagoda Core
24 Mar, 2022

After a while we did some rebalancing and we also added new asset - $RSR.

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We dropped $RSR, $YFI and $SUSHI.

Instead we added $RUNE which is a decentralized exchange (DEX). We believe it has potential and will probably perform better on a relative basis to the market. ✅ Additionally, we changed the weightings of a few holdings.

We are ready for the next bull run and still believe in the long term opportunities despite the macro headwind… 🚀😎

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Regular rebalancing of the portfolio with no change in the structure… ✅

$LUNA is once again flying 🚀🚀 up by 70% in one week while $BTC is flat. Other holdings like $MATIC and $RSR also made 40% 🔥🔥

Blockchain Growth Index (BGI) is hot 🔥🔥 We still provide an all in all solution for your investment in crypto assets. We maintain a well diversified portfolio and you can gain exposure to the hottest and most promising projects out there through only one investment… ✅📈🔥🚀😎

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You may notice one drastic change is the large addition of $CRV

Ive already explained why $RSR is severely undervalued, now lets look closely at $CRV and why I believe $38(10x) will be coming soon

Unfortunately I cant post more than one picture at a time so I will need to break this up into a few posts- sorry about that

Here is a chart of $CRV against the US dollar, showing the trend that we are currently on to retest previous highest daily close of $7(100% from current price), after we reach this point we will enter price discovery and I am expecting a parabolic blow off from here into the double digits.

Post image
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Green Machine
7 Aug, 2021

It's been a month since last rebalance. In that time, $BTC is up 30%, $ETH is up 40% but we've also seen some nice gains for $LUNA (up 106%+) and $RSR (up 60%+). Rebalancing again with minor weight changes.

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We add $RSR to our portfolio at 5% of our allocations, decreasing our $BNT allocation from 15- to 10%. With recent surges in interest for stable-coins and its rapid expansion to Latin American markets and good tokenomics, we expect to see much room for upside price action here we do not want to miss.

We'll keep a close eye on this one.


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Removing $RSR and $MLN. Adding $UNI and $BAT, minor rebalacing of $SOL $MATIC $ENJ $ETH.

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Removing $BADGER $ALPHA. Adding $MLN and $RSR, minor rebalancing of $SOL $ETH $ENJ $MATIC 🤔

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Hopeful Futures
18 Apr, 2021

That hurted 😱! Let's see now what the "market" says... in the meanwhile some alts that have fallen more, as $SXP $RSR have been bought back, selling some little $ETH and $BTC given those had the lower losses. Also increased $REN as its last months gain is lower and has potentials to draw the others evaluation 🙏

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Follow us on twitter @_BlockchainFund to read our latest report on $RSR and why we have made it such a large % of our holding!

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