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Dec 2, 2022
Dec 9, 2022


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$SNX enables swaps of any size almost without any slippage, as well as creation of tokens that can track the value of any asset (stocks, ETFs, indexes, commodities, cryptocurrencies, etc). $SNX has generated $11M of revenue in the last month. @LongTermFund  remains bullish in $SNX for the foreseeable future.

Our other main plays are $FXS and $CVX. It goes without saying that we are maintaining $ETH position.

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$AVAX out, $FXS in. Minor rebalance of the rest of portfolio [$ETH $CVX $CRV $AAVE $XMR $MATIC $NEAR]

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AVAX out 11 days after re-introducing it? Was there any recent news?

After reviewing the announcements from the $AVAX team, reintroducing $AVAX. Rebalancing $ETH $XMR $CRV $CVX $AAVE $NEAR $MATIC

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Smart Hamster
11 May, 2022

$CVX $CRV and $BAL added.

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11 Apr, 2022

Today’s Update:


A bit earlier than usual 

Starting with some good news 

Yesterday was announced that

The Curve Wars will lunch $UST adoption and after that $UST will about to skyrocket, and with it the value of your $LUNA

Here's why and how in short explanation:

Frax, Terra, Redacted Cartel, Olympus DAO, and possibly other mass holders of $CVX tokens will bring a flood of liquidity into the 4Pool.

This also leads to 4Pool having the highest APY on Curve.

This means:

More LPs will rush to drop their stables into the 4Pool to earn that juicy APY.

In other words - more liquidity.

All this leads to higher $UST adoption and usage.

The 4Pool could be the springboard that launches $LUNA value to the moon.

Here's why:

As more people rush to provide $UST into the 4Pool and earn a high APY...

Terra will have to eventually increase $UST's supply.


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Kairos Capital
2 Apr, 2022

Taking some profits from this huge $FXS pump.

Seeing a bit of good DeFi price action again - adding some $AAVE and $MKR, staying bullish on $CRV, $CVX, and $RUNE.

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$CVX has a bright future. It will just continue to grow. We are ready.
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13 Jan, 2022

Regular Rebalance before earnings season in stock market kicks in.

I assume that despite the current situation (FED, interest rates, Covid, techstock sellof) stock marekt overall will do very well in earnings season which could give momentum/positive sentiment to the crypto market.

Therefore I inscreased $FTM $NEAR $ROSE as largest portion of the fund, increased $LINK and added $CVX.

As soon as momentum decreases I will return to my broader strategy. At the moment no $LUNA for me. Will be added again as I really like the project, but think there will be a bit of consolidation in the next few weeks.

DeFi strategy
12 Jan, 2022

2 major updates for today:

The market was expecting a CPI inflation of 7%. Today the numbers came out at hit exactly 7%. This is good since there is no additionaly uncertainty in the market and the Fed most likely won't implement additional measure besides the previous announcements.

For me the even bigger news: Fed Chair Jerome Powell changed his stance on stablecoins: Stablecoins and US Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) could co-exist

In July 2021, Powell had stated that the launch of a US CBDC would replace cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins:

This strategy is already heavily invested in DeFi protocols that profit from stablecoins. This week ICONOMI added $CVX (Convex Finance) which allows liquidity providers to earn extra trading fees and claim additional tokens.

Thanks to this platform we were able to outperform BTC by over 100% in the past 3 months. Thanks Iconomi & Iconomi community!

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@JudiciouBanke alive and well :). @LongTermFund is actively managed, but it is not a fund that trades as actively as some of the others. This is in line with the longer-term investing strategy of the fund.

Can you give us a sign that your still managing this strategy? We dont even know if you are alive, no updates for 4 months. Just show signs that your still doing this please