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Jan 23, 2023
Jan 30, 2023


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$WAVES are up by 39%, $BNB + 19%, $SOL +17%, $CVC 13%, $KSM and $BAT +12% since our last rebalance! 🚀
Taking the profit, changing the structure.

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After hitting my targets I am all invested again. I guess the ALTs will outperform $BTC. $BTC 5% $ETH, $ADA and $SNX 10%. Added some to my favorite ALTs $CVC $KSM $AAVE

Today just a rebalance to the yesterday structure. After $cvc gained 60% in one day, I am taking some profits here. Will keep $cvc on 20%.

Vaccination and proving to your employer that you are vaccinated or tested negative is becoming more relevant. The $CVC $cvc Civic Wallet and its token ist becoming more and more relevant.
Being tradeable on Binance and coinbase always helps...

Pretty hard to beat $ETH or $BTC on a consistent basis.
I redistributed from $BTC into the major ALTs. I am still waiting for Projects like $Cvc or $Powr to show their true potential...

Went off the $CVC Wagon to jump on $WAN. Will be playing this against $ETH and $BTC. Right now $ETH looks like it will outperforme $WAN for the next hours. Lets see if my swings work out...📈📉

10 Nov, 2020

recogemos beneficios de $CVC y $YFI y repartimos entre los demas

After all this fuz in about electing the most powerful person in the world, I deeply consider $CVC as an alternative...