Two months ago, we released a brand new platform. Since then, we have been working hard on an update that revolves around Crypto Strategies. With this update, we are pleased to announce that we have also upgraded our infrastructure to the point where we can support more Crypto Strategies going public. From this point forward, Crypto Strategies that are older than three months and are operating with at least EUR 5000 AFS can be published publicly and appear in the catalogue of ICONOMI products.

Besides “going public,” we have added several supporting features that allow managers to make better decisions, and as a result perform better.

Going Public

Crypto Strategy managers that fit the requirements of going public will get notified by email about their eligibility. After that point, the manager can login to the platform and decide whether to stay private (as is) or go public. Going public is doable in two modes. Listed ‘Public’ means the Crypto Strategy is published in the catalogue of ICONOMI products, it is discoverable and searchable on the platform, and anyone may see it or find it. Conversely, ‘Public Unlisted’ means the Crypto Strategy is available only to those users that possess the link to the Crypto Strategy. This mode is perfect for managers who want to promote their Crypto Strategy via social media or their private websites, and still get new copiers.


In the current state, eligible strategies that decide to go public may do so, but strategy copying from other users is still limited to invite only. This means that potential users may “Ask for an invite,” and the manager may respond to that proposal. This simply means that the managers are still in control of who copies their strategy.

Keep in mind that going public is currently still limited, but we will be upgrading this feature and lowering the limits in the future.

Public Activation Process

Click on the displayed banner
Change your Crypto Strategy name and display name (optional)
Send us your logo
Set the visibility and submit the form