You were very active in the ICO period. What do you think needs to be done so that optimism comes back to the crypto market? Is this already happening?

With Gold and stock market prices at all-time-high, and endless money printing by central banks, and the adoption of blockchain by big companies like paypal, I can say that the optimism is already here. Also, this year is the year of DeFi, and Ithink we are still in early bull with crypto. We will soon see the all new all-time high for Bitcoin (BTC).

How will your strategy differ from the other strategy? Will you be more active or passive?

My strategy will be active and focused most on DeFi projects mixed with DAO, Protocols, and some legacy markets like BTC and ETH.

How did your community survive this bear market? Where was the focus? How do you see current defi evolution?

We had more HODL’ers in the group than Traders, and when the bear market hit us some of us moved our holdings to BTC, which turns out not so bad as holding some coins to the bitter end, an end with eventually almost zero value. The focus was, as I said earlier, to move into BTC.

DeFI is disrupting the legacy markets by storm “yield farming,”and “liquidity mining.”  There are a lot of buzz words and “DeFi” platforms are pouring in almost every financial sector. Most DeFi apps are on ethereum. I think there will be high demand for DeFi Dapps in near future.

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