Crypto was an alternative from the start. Has this position changed in today’s economy?

This position hasn't changed yet, as other financial companies are not competitive enough with service fees to a decentralised system, and that is because a central financial institution is motivated to maximize profits and to not be cost efficient for the customer. Decentralised systems are not controlled by anyone and that's why systems are by nature motivated to be as cost efficient as possible. The fight of interests in central financial institutions is quite easy to notice.

What is your view on the current traditional financial system, especially from the standpoint of a 25 year-old?

My view on the current traditional financial system is catastrophic. People in power are making the same mistakes that happened to old Germany, Yugoslavia, etc. . . . The problem we're having today is that we're talking about sustainable technologies, sustainable tourism,  sustainable “XXX”, but the core part of all other systems, the financial system (money) is not sustainable. Since 1971, the entire global monetary system has been replaced by the FIAT monetary system. If history is a teacher for us, all of these systems collapsed with devastated economies. What we're seeing today is that governments are printing trillions of $/€ and buying stocks through "repurchase agreements" to stimulate economic growth through capital markets. How can we have an all-time high in the stock market when macro indicators and unemployment are close to levels of 2007? This is a real artificial bubble, and so my forecast for the winter is that the real crash will happen because of a combination of the pandemic and the collapse of the financial system. Today, the P/E ratio per average stock in the market is the highest it has been in 120 years and most of the companies in the S&P 500 have all posted decreases in revenues, except a few tech companies. This bubble is getting out of control, and once the global financial system collapses I think only then will people try to look toward decentralised systems. I personally rather trust a mathematical algorithm than a banker.

In your strategy - what do you focus on? Is there any project you would like to outline? Why?

I mostly like to research projects fundamentally, and avoid technical analysis. I am excited about Ethereum, Monero, and extremely excited about Augur and its development in recent years. I think Augur is going to be the first DAPP that is going to go mainstream outside crypto, meaning the average Joes will use it. I think Augur is democratising gambling and speculation markets, and so Augur can be used for many more things than just gambling. You can use trustless prediction markets to hedge against real world events, and Google the future. We're not there yet, but the development of Augur was substantial in previous few years and especially in 2020. Many people don't even know it's the first DeFi Oracle project that existed. The only issues of Augur right now are scalability issues. Smart contracts now cost between 10$ to 60$, which benefits only bigger players. With Ethereum 2.0 and layer 2 solutions arising, I think this will change very soon.

You are also a kitesurfer, which has its own risk, same as crypto trading. How do you cope with that adrenaline?

“No risk, no fun!” is my life motto, and I love adrenaline, same as with crypto when you see the coin you're holding also pumping gives you adrenaline. I'd say trading cryptocurrencies and kitesurfing are kinda the same, both are risky and fun if you know to ride them with knowledge;)

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