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Jun 25, 2022
Jul 2, 2022
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About this strategy

The Moonity Strategy is for everyone who longs to leave this world a better place. A passive crypto strategy with regular rebalancing, it aims for long-term growth and setup for the emerging "token economy," employing a medium- to high-risk profile that is well diversified using a three-layer model.

Potential assets are undergoing a thorough due dilligence before being included and are reevaluated on a regular basis. Biweekly technical analysis and the following checklist, help with structure management: economic (and ecological) sustainability, implicit (currently speculative markets) and explicit (actual live code: algorithm, dapps) performance, as well as the project's community (quality and quantity).

Rebalancing will be done according to market sentiment as well as overall and individual performance and the meta qualities of assets. In order to maximize performance, mitigate risks, and balance diversification, the strategy will be structured into three modules.

The Core: Three distinct features: store of value, token creation, and privacy The Inner Layer: Assets that could either replace Core assets or are at the top of their area of application (e.g. artificial intelligence, governance, digital ID) The Outer Layer: Assets that: a) Have upcoming events or releases that could impact value b) Are being tested or are about to be tested with real-world use cases

Assets from projects with unsustainable ideas, malicious motivations, or relationships with institutions clamoring for central control have no place in our strategy. The following mindset is upheld: value over profit, and holistic sustainability first; otherwise, our children won't be able to enjoy any wealth whatsoever.

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Jun 29, 2022, 12:09:10 AM
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News Feed
14 Apr, 2021

The Moonity Promise: never to touch contentious hard forks like $BCH , centralized assets like $XRP or freezable stable coins like $USDT $USDC $TUSD 🙏

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20 Apr, 2022

Happy 4/20 & quick re.balance update

Moonity took minor profits from $LUNA , $MTL & $STORJ Removed $AKRO and added $NEAR $ATOM has positioned itself as technically more advanced than $DOT - that's why all funds from $DOT were shifted to $ATOM

stay happy, healthy & mindful 

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11 Mar, 2022

Quick re.balance update

Moonity added more $BTC $EGLD & $AR and took small profits from $LUNA & $WAVES

Side note: The strategy will consolidate next bull run, dropping many small assets, as well as assets that could be delisted from Iconomi without prior notice.

Stay safe, healthy & mindful 

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31 Jan, 2022

Moonity is very impressed by its followers and their diamond hands.

We applause all of you - there will be cake!

Any Moonity follower here on Iconomi that joins the Discord will receive a 20€ gift voucher (for cake) as a thank you.

Stay happy, healthy & mindful 

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5 Jan, 2022

Thoughts on Moonity transformation

The possibility of Iconomi de-listing assets without prior notice and not making staking accessible, informed the decision to change Moonity into something more appropriate to the Iconomi platform.

These are the points I want to open up for discussion (via Discord):

- no hedging into centralised stable coins; but into decentralised stable coin correlated assets like $LUNA

- few assets (max. 13) and as few regulatory touch points as possible (no x100 APR yield farming assets); in order to reduce de-listing chances

- focus on decentralised infrastructure/interoperability and tokenisation (NFTs)

Stay happy & healthy 


When Moonity was launched and I met with the Iconomi guys in Malta back in late 2017; I was under the impression that the above mentioned was a non issue by 2022.

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2 Jan, 2022

Wishing you all a healthy and happy new year!

it will be a huge year for crypto, especially $ADA and all Metaverse protocols like $MANA & $SAND, sadly Moonity will not be able to continue as it is.

One major reason is the missing staking mechanism for assets inside strategies. This is also the primary factor why PoS assets like $ADA are not as prominently featured within Moonity as it is wished for.

The next major reason for discontinuing Moonity is the missing stable coin option.

Since $LUNA 's stable coin (UST) will not be made available through Iconomi, there is no decentralised stable coin option anymore on the near horizon.

Thus & with a heavy heart Moonity has decided to stop operating in its current form. Since it can't be true to the core values, it has to evolve into something different. This transformation will take place sometime towards the end of Q1 of 2022. A more precise timeline will be posted end of January.

Stay healthy. happy & mindful 

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Here's an invite link for you @FluffBanana- and all others who would like to discuss the transformation details or have inquiries:

Thanks for asking @FluffBa At Iconomi and at Mercurius‘ Discord server, which will be revived

where will it be posted? at ICONOMI or elsewhere?

24 Dec, 2021

Happy belated ❄️ solstice & joyous holi days to you all!

Moonity just found out Iconomi has removed $DAI without prior notice.

Hedging according to Moonity‘s principles has become impossible. Either Iconomi will add UST (as the only non centralized stable coin alternative) or Moonity will close the strategy by end of Q1 2022. We contacted Iconomi via the Manager Discord today and will keep you updated.

stay happy, healthy and mindful 🙏

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It would only be a logical step to offer UST, since they already use it with Iconomi Earn. Thumbs up 👍

1 Dec, 2021

Quick Rebalance Update

Moonity took $LUNA & $STORJ profits & increased $BTC as well as $ENJ positions slightly.

Stay happy, healthy and mindful 

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24 Nov, 2021

Quick Rebalance from Moonity

took minor $SAND and $MANA profits into $DAI to buy back after small corrections.

Stay happy, healthy and Mindful 

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9 Nov, 2021

Tiny Rebalance Update

Reinvested profits, Moonity took at new $BTC ATH, back into bitcoin, $AR & $LUNA

Stay happy, healthy and mindful

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