We are happy to announce that as of today, a new Crypto Strategy, Mountains and Valleys, has been made public on the ICONOMI Platform. Read the interview with the Experts behind it. Mr. Davide Rivola has been a private crypto investor since 2013, and Mr. Chris Lüscher became a private investor in 2016 – both have 35 years of experience all together in the tech sector.

What is your expertise and how long have you been in the financial industry?

We both come from a tech background, with over 35 years of combined experience in engineering, data science, and management. Cryptocurrencies are unique beasts of technology, social mechanisms, and money, so we couldn't help but dive into the financial aspects once we discovered their revolutionary potential.

What is your strategy? What would you say to users to convince them to invest?

The cyclical nature of cryptocurrency prices – 600% rises followed by 80% drawdowns – has fascinated us for years. Our Crypto Strategy comes with a unique strategy to deal with these cycles, maximizing profit during upswings and reducing losses during the equally common downswings.

When selecting the investments, you stated that you combine custom technical indicators to identify macro cycles and fundamental analysis to identify projects with an above average chance of price appreciation. What about trading volume and liquidity? Is this also one of the indicators? If so, how are you dealing with the fact that some of the exchanges are reporting fake trading volumes?

Our strategy determines macro cycle phases based on price trends and chain analytics. Another peculiarity of cryptocurrencies is that their movement can be watched on chain, so we can see whether long-term holders add to their stash or are selling off, whether they are in the green or currently under water with their investments, how nervously they move their coins, or how steadily they sit on them.

Liquidity is indeed capricious in crypto, not only is a lot of it fake, it also tends to come and go with the hype around certain coins. For our macro oriented strategy, we intend to capture the overall upside of the market and limit the downside, so we are not aiming to catch the hottest low cap gamble, but to rather enter a bull phase with a portfolio of alts that have solid fundamentals and leave again with our gains when it's time.

How did you two meet and what made you start this exciting journey together (managing assets through ICONOMI)?

Like so many crypto journeys, this one started with two comic characters meeting in a forum created by yet another comic character. Over time, we discovered that we shared similar obsessions, but worked with different, complementary approaches. The deal was sealed when we saw that the real persons behind those comic characters were more than serious enough to start a Crypto Strategy.

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