Trading Fees

One of our core values has always been transparency

It is important for you to know the actual costs behind your investments. Thus, we’ve prepared detailed information on the applicable fees on the ICONOMI platform.

Creation of your ICONOMI account and the storage of your digital assets, be it cryptocurrencies or Crypto Strategies, is free of charge.


There is a 0% fee for cryptocurrency conversions, but a spread is charged.


BTC/EUR pair: 0.75% spread

ETH/EUR pair: 0.75% spread

All other pairs: 1.5% spread

The actual spread may be higher due to market fluctuations in the price of cryptocurrencies. An exact quote is provided at the time of conversion.

If you are looking for information on deposit and withdrawal fees you can find them here.

Crypto Strategies

Anytime a fee is collected it is split between ICONOMI, Crypto Strategy Manager and the referrer according to the Referral Program (after VAT).

Exit cost

Range: 0 - 2%

The 0.50% exit fee is a fee that is returned into the Crypto Strategy to cover the costs of trading (entry and exit of an investor) and is not profit for either ICONOMI or its managers.

Anything above 0.50% is a fee collected by ICONOMI and its managers. Exit costs can vary depending on the liquidity of  chosen currency. An exact quote is provided during the selling process.

Following fee

Range: 0 - 10% (annual)

The following fee is distributed between ICONOMI and its managers. It is collected every night and distributed in the first week of the next month to your account (as increased value of the Crypto Strategy).

Performance Fee

Range: 0% - 30%

The performance fee is distributed between ICONOMI, its managers and investors. Each Crypto Strategy manager will determine the period of collection of the performance fee – it can be weekly, monthly, or quarterly. The main benefits are:

  • fees are collected only when you make a profit from your initial investment
  • managers with better Crypto Strategy performance are rewarded more
  • fees bring fairness and balance to the investor/manager relationship
  • investors don’t pay performance fees for strategiess that do not perform

You can find more information here.

Trading fee for structure changes

Percentage: 0.2%

You can change structure as often as you want as there are 0 fees charged for that. When a Crypto Strategy Manager changes the structure of his/her strategy, the trading fees are charged only to the % of the change. For example, manager changes 10% of the structure, that means that the trading fees of 0.2% are charged only for that 10% of the changes.

Credit Cards

Range: 5%

For purchase of cryptocurrencies or Crypto Strategies with a credit card, a 5% transaction fee is charged. Once you click the desired purchase amount, we will guarantee the price. If, however, the price jumps by more than 5%, your order will automatically be refunded.