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ICONOMI is all about users copying Crypto Strategies. If you are an expert in crypto markets you can create your own Crypto Strategy and start earning money. To support users with advanced knowledge of crypto markets our team developed a "state-of-the-art trading" engine connected to multiple crypto exchanges. Make your knowledge work for you, while our platform takes car of the rest.
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State-of-the-art trading engine

Single click diversification.

No more jumping between wallets and exchanges, keeping portfolio data in a spreadsheet ... Iconomi trading engine is connected to several exchanges and it takes care of rebalancing your strategy. Using historical and real-time exchange data our trading engine makes rebalancing as easy as it gets. It optimises rebalancing and ensures each trade is executed in the best possible manner taking into consideration real-time market movements. You just select the desired crypto assets (out of 150+ available), their desired weights (e.g. BTC 50%, ETH 50%) and press rebalance. Done!
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Go public or stay private

Let all users copy your strategy or keep it private.

Once your Crypto Strategy is up and running, you may keep your Crypto Strategy private (accessible only by invite) or public. When you feel you are ready, you can make your strategy public and allow any Iconomi user to copy your strategy.

Set your fees and start earning

It is up to you to set your copy and performance fees.

Each time someone copies your strategy, you make money (copy fee). Each time your strategy performs well, all your copiers make money with you and you get your share of it (performance fee). There is even more - take advantage of Iconomi referral program.

Share your knowledge, build your community

You make the content, we take care of the rest.

Use posts to communicate your thoughts and trades so your followers understand your strategy. Community engagement is key for building trust, help beginners better understand crypto markets and increase number of copiers. Remember the saying - sharing is caring.

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