It is important for you to know the actual costs behind your investments. Thus, we have prepared detailed information on the applicable fees on the ICONOMI platform.
Creating your ICONOMI account and storing your digital assets, be it cryptocurrencies or Crypto Strategies, is free of charge.


There is a 0% fee for cryptocurrency conversions, but a spread is charged.

Cryptocurrencies fees
BTC-EUR: 0.75%
ETH-EUR: 0.75%
BTC-ETH: 0.75%
USDT-BTC: 0.75%
USDT-ETH: 0.75%
All other pairs: 1.5%
The actual spread may be higher due to market fluctuations in the price of cryptocurrencies. An exact quote is provided at the time of conversion. You can find detailed information here.
If you are looking for information on deposit and withdrawal fees, you can find them here.

Crypto Strategies

Whenever a fee is collected, it is split between ICONOMI, the Crypto Strategy Strategist and the referrer according to the Referral Program (after VAT).

Exit fee
Sell/Exit cost
Set at 0.5%
The 0.5% sell/exit cost gets returned into the Crypto Strategy to cover the trading costs of entering and exiting copiers. It is not a profit for either ICONOMI or the Strategist.
If you are NOT selling into either ETH, BTC, or if the Strategy does not have a sufficient amount of ETH or BTC in the structure, ICONOMI must first execute your trades on the exchanges. In these cases, a spread fee will apply.
You can find detailed information here.
Management Fee
Copy fee
Range: 0 - 10% (annual)
The copy fee is a yearly fee that is charged in small proportions daily (yearly fee/365) to users who are copying the Crypto Strategy. It is collected every night and distributed in the first week of the following month. It is split according to the referral program.
You can find detailed information here.
Performance Fee
Performance fee
Range: 0% - 30%
The performance fee is a fee charged to users who copy Crypto Strategies. The fee is collected only when copiers make a profit (it is calculated based on the amount of profit copiers make from their initial investment or previous "High-water mark"). It is collected based on the collection period determined by a Strategist – it can be weekly, monthly, or quarterly. It is distributed in the first week of the following month and split according to the referral program.
The main benefits are:
- Fees are collected only when you make a profit from your initial investment
- Strategists with better Crypto Strategy performances are better rewarded
- Fees bring fairness and balance to the copier/Strategist relationship
- Copiers do not pay performance fees for Strategies that do not perform
You can find detailed information here.
Rebalancing Cost
Rebalancing cost
(not included in the Referral program split of fees)
When a user rebalances their Crypto Strategy, we execute several orders on different exchanges, resulting in multiple fees. Those charged fees are set flat at 0.2% and include all exchange fees, cost of liquidity, custody, wallet transfers and transfers between chains.
For example, if you have 1000EUR in your Crypto Strategy and you change 50% of the structure weight, the formula is: 1000EUR * 50% (weight change) * 0.2% (rebalance fee) = 1EUR. You can see a better overview of the rebalance fees paid in the Crypto Strategies reports tab.
You can find detailed information here.
Entry Fee
On-boarding fee
Range: 0 - 6%
The On-boarding fee covers the Strategist’s costs for the education and expertise they provide. It is charged each time a user adds funds to copy a Strategy. According to the Referral Program, it is split between ICONOMI, the Crypto Strategy Strategist, and the referrer.
But in case you are adding funds and NOT using either ETH or BTC as a payment method, ICONOMI must first execute trades on the exchanges for you and also a spread fee applies.
You can find detailed information here.

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