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mar. 16, 2023
mar. 23, 2023


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Keep3rV1 (KP3R) Overview

Keep3rV1 é um registo concebido para combinar organizações ou outras partes interessadas com profissionais técnicos, a quem chamam Keepres. Podem então realizar tarefas de rotina. Os detentores podem ser qualquer pessoa externa, uma equipa, ou mesmo um bot a executar tarefas autónomas, apresentadas como "trabalhos" neste contexto. Os trabalhos podem ser simples, por exemplo, chamar transacções ou exigir uma lógica complexa fora da cadeia. O criptograma Keep3r não resolve ou gere estes trabalhos, mas forma uma ligação entre alguém que solicita um trabalho e alguém capaz de o fazer. Cada detentor individual cria as suas próprias regras com base no que quer que seja realizado, bem como os seus DevOps e infra-estruturas.
Para completar os trabalhos, os utilizadores recebem a moeda keep3r, KP3R, uma ficha ERC-20 que também é utilizada para a governação.

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Millais Capital
1 abr., 2022

A little pullback yesterday, thankfully we took a good 5% $UST position just before this and using it now to increase all holdings (except $KP3R which has done well over 24H), and buy back some of the cheap $LUNA at around 5% cheaper than we sold.

Market may drop some more over the weekend (who knows?), but let's lock in this lower price now and see what happens.

To my followers: FYI, I do not currently have any stop loss rules in place so please do monitor your investment as needed. Should the market continue to move up I will be adding one in to protect gains in the event of a large downturn - will update you when necessary.

4 pessoas gostam disto

No reason to panic. $BTC is retesting previous breakoutlevels. It seems to be ready for the next leg up.

No reason to rebalance either. We are positioned in the alts with the best relative strength. Long $LUNA $AVAX , $FTT , $ETH , $BNB , $ATOM , $MANA , $GALA

I'm bullish on a few other alts we don't own as well: $FTM , $CRV , $SAND and $NEAR .

Speculators might take a bet on $KP3R

I doesn't feel right to share rocket-emoticons right now.

5 pessoas gostam disto
4 mar., 2022

Removed $FTM and $KP3R for now, adding to $BTC at 30% now.

12 pessoas gostam disto

Menno, poste sth. it has been a while since you wrote your last one.

I did my first rebalance in a couple of weeks and sold some underperformers into relative strength.

Added to $AVAX , $MANA , $CRV and $SAND .

I dumped $LINK (was mainly a bear market hedge), $KP3R and $UNI

Reversal in $BTC is confirmed. I think we will go to 52k now as the next resistancelevel for $BTC .

4 pessoas gostam disto

So far it looks like the bottom is in. Very happy we bought back in with our 10% $USDC position right at yesterdays bottom.

I allocated more funds to $BTC because I expect it to outperform many alts in the first fase of the recovery.

We'll see today if we can make a higher high in $BTC above 38k. That would confirm an uptrend, although I expect some resistence at the 40k level. If $BTC pauses sub 40k, it could give room to the best alts to run.

I took some 'profits' in $ATOM . It did very well during the downturn and made new highs in $ETH above previous resistence zones at 0,014. We still have a big allocation because this is very bullish, but I decided to reallocate some funds to the beaten down $KP3R because it is in a strong $BTC uptrend I expect to continue if $BTC holds the line.

$ATOM has a history of oscillating against $ETH and is on the upper band of that range. That's why I lowered our position. Nevertheless, it's breaking out above that resistence! 

2 pessoas gostam disto

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What Is the Highest Price of Keep3rV1 (KP3R) in EUR?

Keep3rV1 (KP3R) price history shows the highest value of 1.646,69 EUR. We recorded this price on 17 de janeiro de 2022, but we cannot exclude that a higher price was registered before 13 de janeiro de 2022.

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