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Republic Protocol


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0,1094 $US

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109,28M $US

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mars 16, 2023
mars 23, 2023


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Republic Protocol (REN) Overview

Le protocole de la République est un projet de crypto-monnaie basé sur la blockchain qui vise à simplifier l'échange de valeurs sur une multitude de blockchains, à accroître la confidentialité, à fournir des liquidités entre les chaînes et à permettre l'utilisation des marchés financiers. Le protocole se concentre actuellement sur le soutien à la finance privée et décentralisée (DeFi). La plateforme se compose de trois couches principales.
La première est la couche de transaction à connaissance nulle, où les utilisateurs peuvent stocker et transférer des jetons REN sans divulguer le montant ou la quantité qu'ils ont dans leur portefeuille. Dans la deuxième couche, connue sous le nom de couche d'interopérabilité, les échanges sans confiance sont gérés sur les blockchains ; elle agit comme un pont entre les jetons. La troisième couche, également connue sous le nom de "dark pol", dispose de moteurs de correspondance d'ordres secrets - elle traite les ordres dont seuls les propriétaires ont connaissance.
La pièce de la République est REN.

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16 nov., 2022

Re⚖️Balance & Pivot Update

This is a sizeable one. Removed many assets that could come under heavy regulatory scrutiny or become entangled in the FTX contagion.

Moonity saw $XMR showing immense strength amidst the chaos and it seems like the best non freezable digital asset hedge (since DAI is not available for almost a year now on iconomi).

/rm $AVAX | $FLOW | $REN | $RVN | -1.93% $MKR | -1.42$ $MANA | -1.4% $LINK | -0.96% $AAVE | -.99% $SAND

/add +4.57% $XMR  | +3.89% $ADA | +1.36% $GRT | +1.43% $KMD

Why Moonity increased $ADA

"Hydra Payments" (a L2 for micro payments, utilizing the Hydra protocol stack) was announced for Cardano to be rolled out end of this year. This is ushering in the DeFi era on the blockchain; together with the first stable coin to be released end of this or beginning of next year.

Stay happy & mindful🙏

Post image
2 personnes aiment ça

@KeotionaErro everything is possible. Even XMR being banned from CentralizedExchanges (CEX) or all crypto assets going to 0. However we believe in a future that is now emerging, where DecentralizedExchanges (DEX) are equally in demand as centralized ones. Banning a privacy oriented crypto asset from a DEX is almost impossible.

Won't XMR be banned from every echange?

GoldHorn Venture
31 déc., 2021

✅ GoldHorn Crypto® Venture reviewed $WAN exposure case.

Structure rebalanced.

The future of blockchain will be powered by decentralised cross-chain interoperability.


$WAN - King of DeFi.

✅ www.goldhorn-crypto.com ✅

Thank you for your trust.

Happy New Year 2022 and lots of ATHs. 

Post image
6 personnes aiment ça

Mcap vs TVL Analysis (data as at 17th Dec)

Latest analysis and DeFi alpha released on our blog here

$MKR , $AAVE , $COMP , $UNI , $CRV , $SUSHI , $SNX , $BAL , $REN , $YFI , $CVX and $LDO (Since last update in early Nov, TVL locked at $MKR is up 95.6% and $CVX increased MCap by 14.4% in really tough market conditions).

Post image
2 personnes aiment ça
8 nov., 2021

Changed the portfolio and added the strongest alts that look ready to make interesting moves; $SAND, $MKR, $REN and $ATOM.

At the same time, i'm still not confident about $BTC doing up, up, up therefore we still have some $USDT to buy the dip (if it comes).

If we do go to All Time High and price discovery mode, then that's no problem at all 

5 personnes aiment ça

$REN up over 100% in just a few days, incredible. Get ready for liftoff 

5 personnes aiment ça

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Republic Protocol Price FAQ

What Is the Highest Price of Republic Protocol (REN) in USD?

Republic Protocol (REN) price history shows the highest value of 1,75 USD. We recorded this price on 20 février 2021, but we cannot exclude that a higher price was registered before 11 avril 2019.

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