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From The Ashes
14 feb., 2023

Inflation is higher than was forecast (6.4%, expected 6.2%). The market expects that there could be three more 0.25 points increase in the next upcoming meeting. 👀

This means that inflation is still not done, and there are still uncertain times ahead of us. The crypto assets are still risky to go in. Patience 🤞

I am cautious with $BTC and $ETH , staying in the $USDC for now.

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From The Ashes
2 feb., 2023

FOMC- 25 bases points- as the market expected, a $BTC made a little move up to 24k. The general takeaway from Powell's speech is that even the inflation is improving, there is still a risk that inflation is not cooling off as expected. Therefore, FED will follow the hawkish position until the data show more certain inflation cooling off. 

On Friday, the US job unemployment report will be published, which can get us some information on the market's short-term path. A low percentage could have a positive influence on the market. The high could indicate that recession is ahead of us.

Inflation is still in place. 14th of February comes another Consumer Price Index report. This could indicate where we could be heading and what we can expect the FED to do in March 2023 to raise the rate. The current market expectation is 85% for another 25 base points. 🤔

The big tech company will publish a business report this week. There is a lot of debate about that, but I feel there will be no significant surprises. META released the report today, and it was not bad as expected, and we saw a spike in value per share by 15%. 👀I am expecting a similar one for Amazon and Google. No drama yet, but let's see👀. With this current spike, a lot of money is sucking back to the market, but "if" the recession comes, we will again see lows, and investors could get rekt. 

Short term, my prediction was wrong, but I will stay on the path as stated in the begging. Staying caution. I am a long-term bull for $BTC and $ETH , but I learnt from the past that patience is the key. Staying in $USDC for now.

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From The Ashes
26 ian., 2023

$BTC does not need banks, but banks need Bitcoin.

The European Union has recently implemented new rules regarding the amount of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that banks can hold. Banks are now limited to holding a maximum of 2% of their capital in these assets. Some temporary exceptions are granted to give banks more time to adjust to the new regulations. These new rules come after previous warnings from the BIS Basel Committee advising banks to limit their cryptocurrency holdings to 1% of their total assets. $BTC

So, before 1%, now 2%, soon 5%,10%?👀

But our position is still the same in regard to the strategy. We missed some gains, but I am waiting for more market clarity. ATM, there are really some strange movements on the market. Staying in $USDC and waiting for what will happen in the stock market in the next weeks.

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From The Ashes
18 ian., 2023 👀🤔


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BITZLATO-Chinese exchange, connected with hydra dark net

From The Ashes
12 ian., 2023

In the picture is the personal saving rate in the US. Based on the graph, Americans are running out of money.  👀 . 

That low was between 2006-07, before the crash. 🤔

I am not assuming this will happen again, but I am patiently waiting to enter the market.

Stay patience. I think ahead of us in another excellent opportunity to enter the market once in 2023. $BTC $ETH $USDC

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7 persoane apreciază asta
From The Ashes
10 ian., 2023

Finally, we saw some green candles. But my position stays the same. I expected that in Q1, we would face a drop in all assets class, especially in the stock market, crypto will follow. There is some prediction that $BTC BTC can go to 10k. I am not expecting that, but it is hard to predict. I still think that it is worth waiting. $USDC

The hardest part of the current times is to be patient. 💪 To not FOMO. I learned from my past mistake. 

The next couple of weeks will be interesting to follow. 👀

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From The Ashes
23 nov., 2022

I am still cautious. There are still a lot of unknowns on the market, especially the latest events. 

The objective ATM is still to preserve value and wait for the right moment to add more $BTC . I will see what will happen in the following weeks.🤞

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From The Ashes
21 nov., 2022

I am adding an additional 10% off $BTC at 15.700.

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From The Ashes
10 nov., 2022

A better CPI than was expected, but this does not change our position. $BTC pumped, but I expect that it could go lower in the following days or weeks.

We are staying on low exposure with $BTC.

The FTX thing is still a big risk 🧐

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From The Ashes
9 nov., 2022

$BTC did not hold the 16k support. FTX event is hammering crypto. I am slowly adding $BTC %.

I am 👀 what $BTC will do in the following days. If tomorrow's inflation rate is not as expected, we could see even lower prices on $BTC and other assets.

Currently low exposure to the market, but opportunities are around the corner. $USDC/$USDT is a safe bet ATM.

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