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159,71M €

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mars 14, 2023
mars 21, 2023


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WAX (WAXP) Overview

The WAX crypto blockchain was built to make e-commerce transactions easier, safer, and easier. The WAX coin is WAXP and was built for the same reason in tandem with the blockchain. The WAX Blockchain uses the DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) as its consensus mechanism. It is also backward compatible with EOS. Wax intends to provide incentive mechanisms and custom features which will increase the blockchain's usability in e-commerce as well as encourage voting on proposals and guilds. 
WAX a également créé divers outils, que les dApps, les NFT, les places de marché et autres utilisent pour construire dessus.
Les principales caractéristiques de la blockchain sont les suivantes : une architecture de blockchain sans frais pour les clients, des temps de blocage de 500 millisecondes, l'utilisation de récompenses de vote incitant à participer aux propositions.

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18 oct., 2022

Re⚖️balance / Pivot Update

The pivot started and will take about 30-90 days, depending on macro econ. and crypto market sentiments.

/rm $WAXP | - .2% $MATIC | - .18% $MTL | - .37% $AAVE | - .46% $MKR

/add + .64% $ADA | + .39% $GRT | + .04% $ATOM | + .74% $AR

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3 personnes aiment ça
GoldHorn Venture
31 déc., 2021

✅ GoldHorn Crypto® Venture reviewed $WAN exposure case.

Structure rebalanced.

The future of blockchain will be powered by decentralised cross-chain interoperability.


$WAN - King of DeFi.

✅ www.goldhorn-crypto.com ✅

Thank you for your trust.

Happy New Year 2022 and lots of ATHs. 

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6 personnes aiment ça
Green Power
23 déc., 2021

Dropped $WAXP and $TRX as both seem to have lost momentum. Shuffled some weighting around to take advantage of the sudden spike in $BTC price.

Crypto Rockets
26 nov., 2021

Rebalanced $WAXP, $ROSE, $ENJ and $THETA to be well set up if we bounce.

Post image
Crypto Rockets
25 nov., 2021

Small rebalance: Collected some gains from $CHZ and $THETA, re-invested them into $WAXP and $ROSE since they show more upside potential. 

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What Is the Highest Price of WAX (WAXP) in EUR?

WAX (WAXP) price history shows the highest value of 0,83 EUR. We recorded this price on 18 novembre 2021, but we cannot exclude that a higher price was registered before 10 mars 2021.

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