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mars 26, 2023
avr. 2, 2023


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1inch (1INCH) provides one-stop access to decentralized finance (DeFi). The decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator accesses hundreds of crypto exchanges by scouring them for the best rates. This model of seeking out the best deals for customers allows the platform to provide almost limitless liquidity. Users can earn 1INCH tokens via liquidity mining. The 1inch tokens also serve as the platform’s governance and utility tokens. The “instant governance” procedure powered by the 1inch tokens makes 1inch one of the most decentralized exchanges. The 1inch platform does not charge any fees. 1INCH is a multichain token, currently available on Ethereum and on BNB Chain over a bridge. It is available on exchanges, including Binance and CoinBase.

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Pigster Crypto
4 mai, 2022

As many are scared of today's FOMC meeting and FED rate hikes, we could see some price manipulation in crypto today. With some crypto prices hitting yearly lows, we are getting ready for a new positive price action in crypto.

In the posted chart, we can see some of the main cryptocurrencies. The x-axis represents days from the ATH of the currency and the y-axis represents the % the currency is down from its ATH. The size of the dots represents price purchases from the daily minimum.

Some hypotheses can be drawn from this broad chart:

LUNA is a project with a completely different price action than other projects. This may be the cause of its burning tokenomics and current hype around its ecosystem. The top right corner cryptocurrencies are not in consideration by investors and look like they have lost their momentum.The top left cryptocurrencies (SOL, DOT, etc.) could be the ones investors are considering putting into their portfolio, but are within the dependency of $BTC  price manipulation.

We have decided to take a closer look into the 3. segments of the projects and include them in our strategy. Some of these we are really considering are $DOT , $MATIC , $AVAX , $1INCH. Still, we are 40% in $UST  and waiting for the right time to buy back in.

Time will tell

Post image
8 personnes aiment ça

The source site is coinpaprika. The @ handle is different than this one and needs to remain unknown.

Why did you hide the source of the chart ?

Added $1INCH and will hold it for some time

2 nov., 2021

Hello! $ENJ is the one performing really well, together with $TVK (which is part of the 40% fixed coins of this portfolio).

I just saw $ONE breaking out, therefore added it to the portfolio and removed $1INCH.

Post image
3 personnes aiment ça
1 nov., 2021

Also adding $1INCH. Same reasons at $ENJ, $AXS and $BAL.

Lets hope there is a true winner between the 4 of them 

4 personnes aiment ça

Past, Present and Future:

Closed our trade on $1INCH yesterday (massive win for strategy), took partial profits on our $CRV position today and planning to take profits on our new trade $BAL - smashing it!

7 personnes aiment ça

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