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mar 16, 2023
mar 23, 2023


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Spell Token (SPELL) Overview

SPELL coin è il token di governance della piattaforma di prestito decentralizzata Abracadabra.Money.
È un token ERC-20 ed è utilizzato come token di incentivo e di governance all'interno dell'ecosistema. SPELL viene utilizzato principalmente per la governance del protocollo Abracadabra e per guadagnare commissioni dal protocollo stesso. Abracadabra utilizza i token che bloccano gli interessi per creare Magic Internet Money, una stablecoin con valore nominale in USD. L'offerta massima di SPELL è di e viene distribuita per l'assegnazione delle squadre, per gli incentivi all'agricoltura globale e durante l'offerta iniziale del DEX.

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30 gen, 2022

I decided to lower our $ETH holding by 3% and buy more $LUNA I'm looking at epic $SPELL recovery and think $LUNA could pull something similar Both tokens crashed due to the same FUD without any valid reason so it is not crazy to expect similar recovery

Post image
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The fourth-richest whale bought 135,000 Terra (LUNA) for $6.72 million.


@anonymouscrypto thank you for your answer. I have the same opinion. Because some strategy’s will stay heavely in alts when btc make a big run. love to see that it’s something you not will do🙌

Added $SPELL , I have mentioned this coin previously in my updates and talks about CRV, CVX, and FXS. I think it speaks volumes that all of the recently added coins by iconomi are DeFi protocols. Capital is starting to move in this direction which we have positioned ourselves in early.

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The Frax $FXS Thesis

Part 2

6/ Interest Rates

FRAX can be minted into collateralized money markets like Aave and Rari's Fuse. The more FRAX that is minted, the lower the interest rates. New pools and token's looking to collateralize no longer need to find 3rd parties for stablecoin liquidity

7/ By creating collateral status, Frax can make any coin a productive asset. They can be used to borrow off of and farm. Yield correlates with return - these coins are easier to hold, and people are less incentivized to sell them.

8/ If Frax can influence the liquidity, collateral ratios, interest rates for any asset, then what does a king make?

9/ Also at Frax's disposal is its ability to influence frax related pools with $FXS incentives. We saw how instrumental Curve Finance has been in the growth of various stablecoin projects ($SPELL).

Now imagine Frax applying that flywheel to non-stablecoin projects 

10/ The Trinity

What we've discussed is just the start. One must imagine FRAX as controlling the entire stack - Frax V3 will achieve The Trinity

11/ So how much are the keys to the central bank worth? We'll find out

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Spell Token Price FAQ

What Is the Highest Price of Spell Token (SPELL) in EUR?

Spell Token (SPELL) price history shows the highest value of 0,01 EUR. We recorded this price on 17 gennaio 2022, but we cannot exclude that a higher price was registered before 13 gennaio 2022.

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