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Schillebeeckx Strategy


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Schillebeeckx Strategy Performance Strategia

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mar 13, 2023
mar 20, 2023
Schillebeeckx Strategy


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Informazioni su questa Strategia

Schillebeeckx Fund is a large cap focused strategy. We aim at long-term growth, low risk and stability. LOW management fee, NO performance fee!

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Modifiche alla struttura

Ultima modifica della struttura
18 mar 2023, 14:21:36
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Max. Drawdown

Added $LRC , $NEAR and $RUNE as we expect an altrunweekend. Stop losses in place as well as take profit targets and rules.

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We increased our stop loss level to 25k for $BTC.

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Markets are climbing the wall of worries on nothing but bad news for the economy. This is hard for bears like us, who expect a collapse. We went back into the strongest alts to ride the wave up, but we are protected with a stop loss when $BTC falls below 24k.

We take profits in

$BTC at 29k (30k is resistance)

$ETH at 1950 usd (2k is resistance)

$ATOM at 15 usd

$MATIC at 1.45 usd

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As $BTC breaks out (on all the bad news :) ) we take a small allocation for a short term ride to the upside.

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So to be clear: we well sell when $BTC falls below 25k and we will sell when $BTC goes above 29k.

Yes, it's working everywhere. But we have tight stop losses. Odds are high $BTC will test the 30k resistance now. We will be out before that happens.

With the banking system on the verge of collapse, we prefer to play it safe.

Our $PAXG is performing well and we let that run. But we still anticipate an implosion of all markets and prefer to stay patient.

$BTC might decouple and run for a while. But alts will most probably drop hard together with the stockmarket. Buy and hold opportunities are coming soon.

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As $BTC broke above 25k we had to get back in. We plan to take profits above 27.5kusd.

A 3 persone piace questo

Sold the rest of our $BTC after this crazy pump and took profits to $USDT . We will wait for a better entry.

A 3 persone piace questo

We decided to take profits in the alt-positions we took after the $USDT panic drop. We were able to lock in some gains and by doing that we partly erased the small $USDT loss we decided to swallow.

We sold $ETH , $MATIC and $ATOM.

We sold 5% of our $BTC as well.

The macro is way to bad. CPI numbers could surprise to the upside next week, stockmarket is breaking down. The war is far from over, SVB bankrupcy could cause ripple-effects in the tech-sector.... Gold is on the rise...

We expect another leg down and will start adding $BTC, $ETH and some of our favourite alts when $BTC drops below 18.8k.

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A 3 persone piace questo

SVB went into bancrupty and unfortunately $USDC depegged and is at risk. We decided to take action and sell all our $USDC at a 9% loss. Better safe than sorry.

We decided to re-enter the markets partially because if stables are'nt safe there is nowhere to hide. Our main position is still $USDT but we initiated small positions in $ATOM , $MATIC and $ETH . We re-enter $PAXG again as we expect gold to shine while banks are going down.

Our assumption is we might see a small bounce in $BTC to the 22k level and alts will outperform. But this is very short term. We expect a bigger drop to the 18.5k soon.

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Schillebeeckx Strategy vs $BTC on the six month chart. Being out of the market with way less volatility and risk, gives peace of mind and probably outperformance very soon...

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