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mar 18, 2023
mar 25, 2023


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Maker (MKR) Panoramica

Maker è una piattaforma di smart contract costruita sulla blockchain di Ethereum. È stata costruita con l'obiettivo di risolvere i problemi di volatilità dell'ampio mercato delle criptovalute e di costituire la base del sistema bancario basato sulla blockchain, un sistema di nuova generazione che consente transazioni peer-to-peer e transazioni internazionali più rapide e semplici.
La moneta Maker, MKR, ha tre ruoli sulla piattaforma. È utilizzata per la governance, dove i titolari possono votare sulla gestione del rischio e sulla logica aziendale del crittosistema Maker, come token di utilità e come risorsa di ricapitalizzazione. Viene inoltre utilizzato per pagare le commissioni per la generazione di DAI, la stablecoin di Maker ancorata al dollaro statunitense. Ogni volta che vengono pagate le commissioni, la piattaforma brucia automaticamente MKR, eliminandolo. Pertanto, l'offerta di MKR è direttamente collegata alla domanda di DAI.

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Il modo più veloce e conveniente per acquistareMaker è acquistarlo su ICONOMI. ControlliamoMaker prezzi in tempo reale su oltre 10 scambi di criptovalute e acquistalo al miglior prezzo di mercato.

Si può comprareMaker aggiungendolo al tua privata Cripto-Strategia (portafoglio crittografico). Puoi anche usare la nostra funzione di acquisto ricorrente che tende a livellare gli effetti di volatilità dei prezzi delle criptovalute. Puoi scoprire di più su come beneficiare di piccoli investimenti a intervalli regolari sul nostro articolo del blog.

Ti consigliamo di fare le tue ricerche e analisi di criptovaluta. Gli scambi di criptovalute esperti utilizzano l'analisi fondamentale e tecnica per valutare seMaker è un buon acquisto/vendita. L'analisi fondamentale e quella tecnica sono i due tipi di analisi più comuni utilizzati nel trading di beni tradizionali (ad esempio azioni e obbligazioni).

Se non hai familiarità con l'analisi dei prezzi delle criptovalute e desideri acquistareMaker , ti consigliamo di leggere la sezione successiva, poiché la copia potrebbe essere un approccio migliore.

Aggiungi Maker al tuo portafoglio copiando una Strategia

Se non sei esperto in questi, considera un approccio diverso all'investimento in criptovalute. Puoi imparare da e copiare i trader di criptovalute esperti su ICONOMI che condividono regolarmente le loro intuizioni e gestiscono le loro Cripto-strategie pubbliche. Vai alla pagina delle Strategie e usa il filtro "ticker" per scoprire quali Cripto-strategie pubbliche hannoMaker nella loro struttura.


Qui puoi leggere e commentare tutti i post degli Strateghi riguardo Maker MKR. Vedi tutte le predizioni del prezzo di Maker in tempo reale e sfrutta al massimo le loro conoscenze sulle criptovalute.

Reason for big shift in portfolio structure:

$ATOM was one of the best L1 performers of the bear cycle in 2022 & it was our main holding. Sure we felt the pain but we outperformed overall the market. Recently we dumped $ATOM . Reasoning is simple.

$ATOM belongs to the coins that have the least correlation to $BTC & other part of crypto,.

Most L1's got hit extremely hard in bear cycle --> most suffered more than 90% loses

We are hard believers in $ETH but it has few technical disantvantages that other L1 have solved. This was the reasoning for our $ATOM pick.

Since $BTC is on rampage lately, we can see that $ATOM is slowly underperforming it, while some altcoins are having crazy runs.

$NEAR was heavily impacted due to VC & Institutions like DCG have had big positions in it & they had to liquidate assets due to bankruptcy of their subsidiary Geneis. NEAR PROTOCOL is already live with sharding, has one of highest developer activity, very strong treasury and one of the biggest support from VC Firms. Seeing it down nearly 90% from ATH is a perfect point to enter.

$RUNE is extremely complicated to explain in 1 sentence so we will summarise it.

Thorchain is a crosschain DEX agregator. It works like a liquidity blackhole for entire crypto space. Offers self custory, directly from your hardware wallet, beeing able to swap to any chain, take a loan, earn yield etc... And best part it's part of $ATOM Ecosystem. Once liquidity and high volumes return to crypto so will $RUNE's price. Recently biggest & most trusted wallet providers have implemented or have announced they are implementing $RUNE in it's backend (TrustWallet, Ledger,...)

We'll say it in a simple way: YOU WILL USE $RUNE & YOU WILL BE HAPPY WITHOUT KNOWING YOU ARE USING IT. With THORCHAIN there is no more need to CEX's like Binance, Coinbase etc... 😉

$MKR Is the 2nd biggest protocol on Ethereum and biggest decentralised stable coin project

$DOT Is a crosschain L1 protocol that fullfils our multichain thesis.

We believe some of our picks will outperform $BTC heavily in following weeks. $ATOM has lately alot of drama in governance so we have exited it due to risk reward. We believe our picks are primed for a heavy run to the upside.

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RUNE is a beauty. Adoption by stealth being added to back end of apps to to facilitate native transactions across blockchains.

Good call on Atom. Some of the finest tech around but unfortunately the most toxic community/environment I’ve ever seen in crypto

Was doing research for past weeks.

Stressfull times, but I have finaly decided to make adjustements to the portfolio structure. While we remain pesimistic about macro picture we are very bullish on crosschain protocols, DeFi & undervalued L1 networks.

Research update will be posted shortly.

Main assets will be now:


Expect alot of volatility.

Risk / Reward ratio is favorable.

Fundamental & Technical analysis will be posted tomorow.

Stay tuned 🙃

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23 dic, 2022

Happy Holy Days & a Merry Winter Solstice Re-balance

/rm $MKR | $LINK | $EGLD | - .56% $XMR

/add + 2.06% $ADA | + .53% $GRT | + .47% $LTC

Enjoy the silent nights, as well as blessed givings with your loved ones and stay healthy 🙏

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16 nov, 2022

Re⚖️Balance & Pivot Update

This is a sizeable one. Removed many assets that could come under heavy regulatory scrutiny or become entangled in the FTX contagion.

Moonity saw $XMR showing immense strength amidst the chaos and it seems like the best non freezable digital asset hedge (since DAI is not available for almost a year now on iconomi).

/rm $AVAX | $FLOW | $REN | $RVN | -1.93% $MKR | -1.42$ $MANA | -1.4% $LINK | -0.96% $AAVE | -.99% $SAND

/add +4.57% $XMR  | +3.89% $ADA | +1.36% $GRT | +1.43% $KMD

Why Moonity increased $ADA

"Hydra Payments" (a L2 for micro payments, utilizing the Hydra protocol stack) was announced for Cardano to be rolled out end of this year. This is ushering in the DeFi era on the blockchain; together with the first stable coin to be released end of this or beginning of next year.

Stay happy & mindful🙏

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@KeotionaErro everything is possible. Even XMR being banned from CentralizedExchanges (CEX) or all crypto assets going to 0. However we believe in a future that is now emerging, where DecentralizedExchanges (DEX) are equally in demand as centralized ones. Banning a privacy oriented crypto asset from a DEX is almost impossible.

Won't XMR be banned from every echange?

18 ott, 2022

Re⚖️balance / Pivot Update

The pivot started and will take about 30-90 days, depending on macro econ. and crypto market sentiments.

/rm $WAXP | - .2% $MATIC | - .18% $MTL | - .37% $AAVE | - .46% $MKR

/add + .64% $ADA | + .39% $GRT | + .04% $ATOM | + .74% $AR

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