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3,17 USD

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60,37M USD

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mar 14, 2023
mar 21, 2023


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Badger DAO (BADGER) Overview

Badger DAO è un'organizzazione autonoma decentralizzata (DAO) che accetta bitcoin come garanzia nelle applicazioni di finanza decentralizzata (DeFi). Ha ampliato in modo significativo l'uso del bitcoin nelle applicazioni DeFi su varie reti blockchain. BADGER è un token basato su Ethereum. È utilizzato per la governance del protocollo e la distribuzione delle ricompense all'interno della Badger DAO. BADGER consente ai titolari di votare sulle proposte di progetto e distribuisce ricompense a coloro che gestiscono i Sett Vault. I Sett Vault sono un prodotto che consente agli utenti di guadagnare sui loro asset sintetici in BTC. Badger integra diversi prodotti DeFi per contribuire a rendere il bitcoin un asset utilizzabile su tutte le blockchain.

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Good morning. Nothing new, we have slightly increased the position of $ETH. P.S. insert $BADGER , it was not a good idea .... luckily I had lowered the percentage by a lot, almost inexistent

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$Badger 5% resistance break (4 hours) go...

Post image
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Mcap vs TVL 1/2 (2nd September)

Mcap vs TVL ratio analysis complete. Our 15 selected projects average is unchanged at 0.37 from last month (USD0.37 mCap for every USD1.00 TVL).

The following 3 projects have below average ratios at 2 Sep and we’ve included the data from July end as reference: $CRV, $COMP and $BAL.

Suggest these are relatively cheap compared to their peers. Notice the repricing that occurred for $BADGER last month.

Post image
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Trimmed the portfolio a little here on this strength to add some more $USDC and have started a $PAXG position on #gold weakness, reduced $BADGER which has had an incredible run, but we still have a position which can outperform.

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Remember this post here, made a great call on $BADGER, rebalanced to cash to lock in the gains!

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Badger DAO Price FAQ

What Is the Highest Price of Badger DAO (BADGER) in USD?

Badger DAO (BADGER) price history shows the highest value of 50,68 USD. We recorded this price on 17 aprile 2021, but we cannot exclude that a higher price was registered before 16 marzo 2021.

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