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May 25, 2023
Haz 1, 2023
Battle Scarred

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Solid fundamentals based portfolio. Sensible well researched with great potential. Since 2017. Please join my telegram group

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11 May 2023 15:59:52
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Battle Scarred
11 Nis, 2023

Greetings all! Hope you had a fine weekend. As I write this I'm seeing a lot of USD terms.

Switching to BTC though, nearly everything relevant is still red and bleeding against BTC.

The good news is Crypto market cap (minus ETH and BTC) is starting to show signs of strength meaning a proper ALT season of sorts could be not far away.

Way too soon to call this "the bull market" though. It is more likely a rally till the middle of the year then a correction and continuation starting toward the end of the year.

In any case we follow price and exit when necessary whether that is in a few weeks or a few months. I will not hold "casino chips" or hold all the way down. I can't foresee black swans like WW3 or invasion from outer space but apart from those my indicators I now use have us covered. Thanks and have a great week.

6 insanlar bunu seviyor

And I may add, without the adoption they have now it did 25x in 2017 and I did a 100x with it in 3 months in 2021. Ecosystem expands.

Honesty, too much to list here Cloude. Join my telegram channel. Link in strategy description. Dent Wireless have for the first time commoditised data instead of it being a consumerable. They are disrupting the telco space the similar to Uber/taxis Airbnb/hotels but also have a smooth running blockchain now and have successfully tested satellite backhaul for future global coverage. They offer services that none other can. Also I’m one of less than forty Beta testers. “ I know stuff”.

Hi. What is it about DENT that you like?

Battle Scarred
3 Nis, 2023

Alts popping here and there according to trends and influencers colluding but the following is what counts👇. Price of BTC needs to crab. BTC DOM needs to reverse. Continuing to hold without change. Experience says stay in your own lane after committing.

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2 insanlar bunu seviyor
Battle Scarred
19 Mar, 2023

A simple update today for followers. I intend to do these at least once or twice a fortnight. That said, today's post is uneventful. I am continuing to hold what we have. No sells, coin additions or coin swap outs at the time of this post. Thanks.

3 insanlar bunu seviyor
Battle Scarred
13 Mar, 2023

Extraordinary 2 day rise in BTC price. A couple of things I’m considering. I went to great lengths to hit up on buy in and sell signals according to set time frame. I can tell you it has been successful for the last 27 trades when backtested. Last non profit trade was in June 2020 where it sold and bought in about 1% higher. Apart from that massive profits and accumulation on all other trades. That tells me to stick with the plan.

4 insanlar bunu seviyor
Battle Scarred
9 Mar, 2023

G'day all. As you may have noticed we are all in stables now. I know I keep banging on about using higher time frames to buy and sell. Here is the deal. We are just now entering our first full cycle having sold before the dip yesterday. The only reason profit capture wasn't greater for JAN-FEB is because of the implementation of indicators half way through and a late buy in as a result. However going forward I have full confidence because indicators are back tested for 5 years. So buy-profit, sell- accumulate more of tokens at bottom. Any questions hit me up in comments. Thanks.

3 insanlar bunu seviyor