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mars 19, 2023
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MO ON Strategy


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We primarily utilise technical analysis to assess individual cryptocurrencies with the aim of outperforming bitcoin and other asset classes.

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19 feb. 2023 20:50:10
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MO ON Strategy
19 mars, 2023

BTC moving - looks like a confirmed break out of an inverse head and neck which is a bullish sign. On the background of global banking instability it seems clearer by the day that the narrative for bitcoin is changing to one of a store of value. Two possible scenarios here are Btc steam rollers up and drains all the alts as everyone changes up to Btc or we get a pause around 29k mark which allows some decent alt gains as we see the rest of the crypto market catch up. It’s not clear which scenario will play out but overall this move is very positive for the crypto market.

2 personer gillar detta
MO ON Strategy
2 feb., 2023

Markets waiting for Btc to make a clear break. Always difficult to predict whats going to happen here with btc. Could easily moon past 23.8k but markets can get dumped on also. Seems like genuine buying pressure given the volumes. Near and Ada look like the best value cryptos to Btc at the moment so have moved into these with the intention to be patient.

5 personer gillar detta
MO ON Strategy
29 jan., 2023

Appears Btc breaking out upwards. Hopefully a continuation of the upwards move. Some decent gains to be had on Mana, Avax and Ftm if so.

4 personer gillar detta
MO ON Strategy
27 jan., 2023

Bitcoin looks tired here so stepping out until things look clearer. Occasionally you get a pump that defies the technicals but hard to predict. I'd say probability of down is higher than an unexpected pump up.

5 personer gillar detta
MO ON Strategy
14 jan., 2023

Cautiously optimistic with this move that the bottom has been confirmed. Will still have some big crypto cutbacks as these big moves up are not sustainable - May see the first on when Btc hits around 21.5k. None-the-less the long term trend technically is looking positive from here. 

4 personer gillar detta

it’s a fair point but difficult as momentum is building on all coins and there is a risk over trading. fantom looks like it’s got some legs in it still

Would it be smart to take profits at this point? A pull back is probably around the corner?

MO ON Strategy
3 jan., 2023

Been a pretty relentless bear run here and the FTX collapse certainly caught me out. However, the technical indicators seem to be in agreement the bottom is in/ very close. There's still a lot of fear in the market (which is to be expected at a bottom) but if we look past this and focus on the technicals I think we might see some gains providing there's no more unexpected news.

4 personer gillar detta

thanks - long term technicals look good

MO ON Strategy
3 nov., 2022

Hopefully a sustained alt rally off some btc stability here

3 personer gillar detta
MO ON Strategy
27 sep., 2022

This is one of the toughest areas to trade in my opinion. Large moves up and down can wipe out a portfolio quickly with fomo and panic selling. Technically there are some signs we are due a move up here with Btc but the geopolitical climate, world recession and energy crisis are just a few of the things playing into Macrofactors. Very complex backdrop here. Will trust the technical indicators and see how we go. As all fiat currencies face huge devaluations I believe  there has to be a steady flow of hodlers coming into Btc at excellent value 

6 personer gillar detta

i was just checking my investments in various strategies. Out of all strategies I copy, this has by far the best performance. It is not difficult to be a hero in bull times, 🐻 shows whom you should trust with your money.

MO ON Strategy
6 aug., 2022

We're moonin x

6 personer gillar detta
MO ON Strategy
20 juli, 2022

Looks like a move for btc to 26k region at least. Let's ride this for a while in the altcoins that will hopefully outperform considerably.

3 personer gillar detta

Fantastic performance on weekly yearly and over the last several years. Nice work