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GRAZZP is pro-actively managed based on TA and years of experience to protect hard earned gains, every moment in time.

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17 mars 2023 11:08:09
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17 mars, 2023

Morning guys! BTC made this great moves in the past days. I expect it nevertheless to correct to the green or orange box. Therefore i'm not allin at the moment. Once we go to the greenbox, we'll re-enter on BTC and ALTS.

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3 personer gillar detta
21 okt., 2022

Lots and Lots of sideways priceaction and chop. A leading indicator turned bearish again. This means back to USD, a bit of $BTC and $PAXG (Gold). Gold looks very interesting in the charts, but also in our macro bearish narrative.

3 personer gillar detta
14 okt., 2022

The trend could be turning at this point. Several indicators show strength in this move up! I'll follow closely to see confirmation. If we go up from here, we are very early 🤘

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5 personer gillar detta
14 sep., 2022

Expecting more down, so back to USDT

3 personer gillar detta
13 sep., 2022

That did not age well! the CPI numbers had a bearish effect on the short term for risky assets like BTC and ALTcoins. I do expect a relief bounce to the upside because the oscilators show the price is oversold and there is a big Fair Value Gap to the upside.

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2 personer gillar detta
13 sep., 2022

BTC is due to correct but its creeping up for days! What if max pain for bears that expect a correction, is up up up!

CPI numbers this afternoon could be a catalyser for such a thing. I think the outcome will be positive for risky assets like BTC and ALTcoins. Therefore we entered the market with the strongest altcoins and 20% BTC.

Also the 4H trend signals, are bullish. Lets see what happens!

3 personer gillar detta
7 sep., 2022

Small update! I'm just really happy we are in $USDT and $USDC, whilst $BTC dropped. I expect some relief bounce, therefore i added some of the strongest ALTS. If $BTC hits the 20K level, I will re-assed to go back to $USDT or to increase alts. Let's find out and see what happens!

The overall trend is bearish, so no all-in yet!

2 personer gillar detta
28 aug., 2022

Good afternoon! Crypto (but also regular stockmarkets) are taking some hits. The oscilator now also turned bearish in the 1D which means i'm increasing $USDTand $USDC untill the market shows signs of turning more positive.

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3 personer gillar detta
25 aug., 2022


The 1D Trend had changed from bullish to bearish. This means it's time to extra cautious and that the lower timefrime uptrend could finish very quickly. When going down, Alts would suffer much stronger compared to $BTC and $ETH.

As the same time, there is a bit more upside potential for $BTC and $ETH. Therefore I increased both and added some $USDT just to be sure. As soon as the oscilator (indicator) turns red on the 1D, I will increase $USDT.

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4 personer gillar detta
11 aug., 2022

Morning! After some time of choppy markets, its time to put our USDT in place.

I've added lots of $ETH because I expect the transition from POW to POS to have a very positive effect on its price.

Why now?

Because a trend reversal seems to be in place and a strong impulsive move on $BTC confirmed it.

Will give you updates when things will change.

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3 personer gillar detta