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Volatility is the price you pay for performance. In order to outperform in the long term, it is necessary to underperform in the short term.

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9 feb. 2023, 20:32:25
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14 mai, 2021

This fund is focused on mostly passive value-investing in high-potential, high-adoption, real-world use projects. That means we only take very few, strategically placed trades designed for long-term compounding.

You should only join this strategy if you can answer with yes the following points:

✅ I understand that crypto is volatile and there can be 90% drops.

✅ I understand that in order to out-perform in the long term, it is necessary to underperform in the short term.

✅ I understand that only I'm personally responsible to take profits. Nobody can do that for me.

✅ I understand that the way this fund operates is fully based on statistics that work in the long term and which I can check out here.

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45 persoane apreciază asta
9 feb., 2023

The expected dump arrived, buying back at a discount with our 30% USDT holdings

2 persoane apreciază asta
25 ian., 2023

Buying back $SOL at 10% discount since we cashed out.

4 persoane apreciază asta
19 ian., 2023

I'm very pleased with the new auto-invest feature. It automates DCA during the bear market

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6 persoane apreciază asta

Now it is also available on iOS. 💪

@AmaliDoare if you open the android app it is right on the front page. If it doesn't show up see if you have the latest version of the app

Where did you find this feature?

14 ian., 2023

Everyone is an expert in detecting the bottom... ** Until they aren't **

Remember who said $SOL was dead at $8

I missed the market humbling the bears 🐻

4 persoane apreciază asta
30 dec., 2022

While everyone on Twitter is bearish on $SOL and the fud is obvious, these are the best times to buy or DCA historically.

Wish you all a happy new Year!

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5 persoane apreciază asta
21 dec., 2022

Nothing new to report other than the fact that we are still in a bear market. There is a lot of noise worth ignoring. Meanwhile our investments are still top quality and we are top 5 in the last month.

Cheers 🍹

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7 persoane apreciază asta
14 dec., 2022

#THORChain is now integrated to the Trustwallet Android app. We've come a long way. One big reason we invested in Rune over a year ago was that we expected it to be integrated into a big wallet app eventually. The potential for growth in the next bull market will be gigantuos. 

If I might talk to you informally for a moment: We'll make eye-watering amounts of money in the next years 🔥 

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2 persoane apreciază asta
9 nov., 2022

$SOL is getting crushed due to pure FUD. Nothing about the fundamentals changed. It is still the fastest growing chain TX wise, and has one of the biggest, most thriving DEV communities. Those two metrics are more important than everything else for me. This market irrationality is a lifetime opportunity to get more exposure to SOL.

3 persoane apreciază asta
9 nov., 2022

Yesterday was wild. Shows how ruthless a bear market can be. Currently, total crypto market cap touches the previous ATH. It is very possible that it won't hold and we see one more draw-down. But it's not worth trading with the strategy balance. The best strategy is to keep practicing DCA, the next bull market will officially start in 2024. So there is no rush.

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2 persoane apreciază asta