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This strategy focuses on the less loved currencies, which helps to diversify a portfolio that otherwise would have a lot of overlapping between strategies.

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12 apr., 2022

There it finally is, the long awaited $SHIB listing on Robin Hood App!

Bitstamp listing is still due, lets see how much longer they will wait, now that 20million Robin Hood Users are rushing in :)

Also burning of $SHIB is still happening, could be more by my taste but patience is key here!

Stay tuned!

2 persoane apreciază asta
19 ian., 2022

Still here, wanted to remove copy fee, so you guys dont have to pay anything at all, while we wait for $SHIB to turn green again, but I can only reduce it to 1% not 0% :(

Bitstamp listing is still pending

Wouldnt be too surprised when Robin Hood will also announce a listing in Q1

Burning parties for Shiba supply until March

lets see what the next weeks bring!

4 persoane apreciază asta
13 dec., 2021

So its been almost 2 weeks now, waiting for the storm to pass and for $SHIB finally to pump. I think its a more or less better hedge during this correction than the staying in the NFT alts we had before, but of course much worse than if we went into $USDC or $PAXG

But alas, everybody is the wiser in retrospective :)

So, there were a few bad moves from me in the last weeks, but I am not going to ape into any small pump right now, I am still bullish about $SHIB short time, here is why:

New listings (kraken/DONE, Bitstamp/DELAYED, Robinhood/RUMORED)

Chart looks like its bottoming out

Marketing and sentiment in Crypto Twitter + Reddit (SHIBARMY) is still much in favor of $SHIB

-> IMHO another pump is still realistic, thats why I am staying 100% in. Not sure we will see another ATH till the end of this year though :( Sorry about that, patience is key now!

2 persoane apreciază asta
30 nov., 2021

Buckle up, might be time to join the final $SHIB pump soon 

2 persoane apreciază asta

Again iconomi is taking forever to fill the 100% rebalance but almost 90% now, ready for takeoff!

29 nov., 2021

Alright, we might have a bottom, lets see where FOMO is taking the NFT metaverse space the next days.

Not setting up a stop loss, because I do not believe we will go _much_ lower and with it we might be stopped out at a local bottom. When we reach next ATH I will setup a tighter one (10% seems to be the 30% we had back in 2017 when a correction was due)

2 persoane apreciază asta