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A vast portfolio of proven crypto projects with frequent rebalances that keep performance an average of all our holdings. We are a long-term focused strategy.

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Acum 21ore

Hello dear followers. 👋

A quick update after what seemed like a crypto winter:

  • The latest crypto news shows signs of a more optimistic emerging trend.
  • Huge ETH Shanghai upgrade is right around the corner , which is expected to bring a lot of new features.
  • Bitcoing halving at the end of the year, along with the overall market cap growth, looks like it’s starting to lift the spirits of crypto enthusiasts.
  • Major banks' liquidity shortage might drive even more interest in crypto, as the banking system struggles to cope with the increased demand for cash.

As always, I will continue to focus on safe investments for the near future. Depending on changes in the market, I might gradually reduce MS' holdings in stable coins as well.

We are keeping a close eye on the market and are waiting for the right time to act. 🚀

3 persoane apreciază asta
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13 ian., 2022

Hello and happy 2022!

The year didn't start well for the crypto market, but it is already looking more optimistic.

On Jan 8th last year this strategy was rebranded and restarted and what a year it was. There were a few moments where you really needed a strong stomach to handle the trading, but don't worry, that's why I do it for you here 

We ended one year since the start with a 187% gain.  Interestingly BTC only gained 14% at the same time.

We were shifting from Defi to NFT to Meta-themed tokens during the year, every time counterbalancing it with gold and taking our gains slowly over time.

I am very optimistic for the year ahead in crypto, and can't wait to see which theme will come out next in the world of crypto.

Wish you all well, and let the coins be on your side for 2022! 

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3 persoane apreciază asta
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25 iul., 2021

Easy does it. 

The markets went into a full reset after a nice run from last years' end. Nevertheless, we are still 50% up from when this strategy started.  The markets look a bit stabilized now, but still a bit uncertain. I am watching the market and making necessary rebalances to make the best of it. Gold has been proven a nice counter asset to crypto and is providing us with some stability in these times.

I am positive about the future and can't wait for the next bull run. It might take a while, but our strategy is prepared, and we are patiently waiting. 🍀

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16 mai, 2021

Dear followers,

it's been a crazy month for investors 📈🚨📉. Looking at the results I am happy to still see some monthly gains (+2,8% on 16.may).

Quick recovery and key projects holding their price while $BTC is underperforming still make me quite optimistic. As our strategy is build of a vast portfolio the average is still performing good. We are working on keeping it this way. 📈

2 persoane apreciază asta
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10 apr., 2021

Hello everyone 👋

First a warm welcome to all of our new followers. You are making this strategy what it is 🙏

It's really nice to see $BTC above 60k again. It is proving to be very stable and can continue to hold even when big selloffs are happening. 📈

Quick stats. 3 months in and 197% growth. For reference, $BTC achieved "only" 55% in the same time. Enjoy the profits.


Unei persoane îi place asta
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22 mar., 2021

Quick update 🤞

I added a couple of new NTF projects and lowered $BTC & $ETH holdings.

Here is a good article about NTFs if you would like to learn more:


Unei persoane îi place asta
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8 mar., 2021

What a milestone! It’s exactly 2 months since our rebrand and relaunch and we were just granted to go fully public!🔥
That means no more necessary invites. Share a link to the strategy with your friends, invite them to the platform and earn a referral bonus! 🙏


Unei persoane îi place asta
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8 mar., 2021

A quick look at the numbers. Even though the last part of February was a bit unstable, we managed to make some profits. 📈🚀
35% gain in last month and that makes 115% gain over a period of two months! 99 rebalances in the last 30 days as we keep one eye on the market at all times! 👀🚨


Unei persoane îi place asta
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11 feb., 2021

Patience! - a keyword when dealing with investments. 🚨

I see our strategy is one of the few that ended the day with small profits. How? We focused on rebalance and not restructure! When the market is going down we make sure to take advantage of our stable coin holdings and buy other coins at lower prices. By doing so we increase our holdings of crypto coins. 📈


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11 feb., 2021

Thus when the market bounces back, it doesn't need to bounce to the same price for us to already have profits. 📈 Simple maths! 😎

Also, I would like to say that I don't really see the need to update you every time we do a rebalance. Therefore, rest assured, even if everything is quiet here, I still keep one eye on the market and take appropriate actions. 🚀